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madeline-matthew.jpgKellett Photography has some great pictures up from a recent wedding where the bride wore the most amazing butterfly-emblazoned wedding gown. Not only is the dress stunning, but Madeline paired it with the most amazing knitted shrug. I don't even know how to describe it, but it's really inspiring.

Oh-oh, and be sure to check out Madeline's hair. And the butterfly cake!

I'm hoping I can stalk down the bride and groom online to get more information about this beautiful wedding, but in the meantime, be sure to check out Kellett Photography‘s 21 pages of photos. (Thanks to Kathy B. for sending this to me!)

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  1. Dresses in print fabric – yay! This is inspirational for me – my dress will be pale green printed with roses. So many people go for block colours it’s great to see another choice of printed fabric…

  2. YAY- Thanks Ariel! I’ve seen this dress before on another girl and over the weekend I could not for the life of me find the pictures!!! I was trying to find it for another girl on OBB Tribe!! Perfect timing I just say :)I really love this dress BTW. SO awesome and unique!

  3. I keep ging back and forth looking at her hair and her shrug; stylistically they are very much the same – how awesome.

  4. Yep, unfortunately the wedding photographer who took the shots opted to take the photos down, so the one photo I snagged is all you get. 🙁 You could try contacting the photographer directly!

  5. Does anyone know where her dress is from? or, at least, where I can find that fabric? the only thing I want for my wedding is a butterfly printed dress… 🙂

    Ariel, I stumbled across your blog on a whim and it is fantastic. Thanks for the great tips and inspiration.

  6. help me please! im looking for a butterfly wedding dress!!! i found a dress that i really wanted but Paula Abdul on American Idol wore it and i have no idea how to find it!!

  7. The dress is from Colleen Quen, a San Francisco designer. It is also my dream dress

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