Potluck bouquet: Build a bouquet from flowers that guests bring

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Jess had a brilliant take on the guest bouquet idea. We've seen variations on this idea a few times, and it usually looks something like this:

  1. Bride walks down aisle.
  2. Loved ones hand her individual flowers as she passes by.
  3. Bride has simple bouquet by the time she reaches the end of the aisle.

Instead of putting the bouquet together herself on her way to meet Martyn, Jess requested that a few loved ones arrive to the wedding with small bouquets of flowers that were special to them. Her sister arranged the many different flowers into one huge bridal bouquet right before Jess walked down the aisle.

It's sort of like a potluck bouquet!

It's a tiny variation on a theme, I grant you, but I like this for a couple reasons:

  • If you're really striving for a short ceremony, gathering flowers on your way down the aisle can be a little time-consuming.
  • If you'd like a private moment before the ceremony with a few special people, this is the perfect way to carve out that time.
  • The flowers aren't picked out by the bride ahead of time and handed to the guests to hand back to her. These are selected by the guests from the very beginning for a super special touch.
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Succulent bouquet cuttings

What do you think? Too stressful to not know what you bouquet would look like, or would you rock this sentimentally spontaneous bouquet idea?

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Comments on Potluck bouquet: Build a bouquet from flowers that guests bring

  1. That’s a super sweet idea! Something like that would be so fun. You’d get to have some of your loved one’s favorite flowers, and they’d get to see you with a bouquet they helped pick out!

    Plus, as someone very into horticulture and just flowers in general, I would have such a hard time picking out my own flowers! I know way too many great options!

  2. I saw something similar to this at a wedding I attended in the Czech Republic. The tradition there is for everyone to bring flowers for the bride. After the wedding, everyone walked up to the front of the church to congratulate the bride and hand her their flowers. The flowers were taken to the reception venue and used as centerpieces. It was truly lovely and personal! Everyone felt like they contributed to the wedding in some way.

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