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Who knew a insect-themed wedding could be one of the most beautiful & avant garde EVER

Should you DIY wedding flowers? What to know before you say GO

It’s way too easy to think, “It’s just flowers. I can do thaaaat!” as a favorite florist once said… Possibly because she had heard brides say that before! …A lot. But you need to make sure you’re ready for all that’s involved when you DIY your wedding flowers.

big crepe paper flower tutorial

Supersize your wedding flora with this big crepe paper flower tutorial

We know HUGE bouquets are super popular right now, but what if we mega-size the actual flowers instead of just the bouquet size? We love a good huge flower bouquet, headpiece, centerpiece, or ceremony backdrop.

The best part? You can totally make these yourself.

DIY floral hoop backdrop

Lush florals go ring-shaped with this DIY floral hoop backdrop

I love a good hoop bouquet, but those handy floral hoops can be used for more than just a great alternative bouquet. I’ve created a series of hoops flowing with greenery and flora that can be used a wedding ceremony backdrop, reception decor, or even a place card holder.

With this DIY floral hoop backdrop, you can add as many floral picks as you like to make it as lush as you can imagine. Artificial flowers let you create a backdrop that can go from wedding to living room permanently. It’s the beauty of realistic artificial flowers!

Here are the steps to go from a simple hoop to intricate backdrop in no time…

This butterfly bouquet is the nature-inspired bouquet you can totally DIY

This butterfly bouquet is the nature-inspired bouquet you can totally DIY

I was recently reminded of a very fun non-floral bouquet that was a big bunch of silk butterflies from Karly & Jack’s Texas wedding.

Whether you’re channeling Effie Trinket or just want to become one with the Monarchs… you can make this bouquet on the cheap…

DIY felt succulents kit

This DIY felt succulents kit makes felt flowers painless

We’ve already tested out DIYing your own felt succulents for a felt flower bouquet or centerpiece and it checked out as easy-peasy. But if you’re already overloaded with craft projects, down to the wire, or just plain suck at DIY, this felt succulents kit will make a DIY fabric flower bouquet dead easy. The kit comes with everything you need to make 18 succulent plants, including some seriously styling ombre leaves.

Dried billy balls bouquet

Will your DIY bouquet be made out of these dried billy balls?

Craspedia, billy buttons, billy balls, and my favorite term, woollyheads… whatever you call them, they make such an adorable bouquet. They remind me of little velvet balls and come in amazing colors. They’ll last even longer if you snag yourself some dried billy balls for a DIYed bouquet.
Here are some jewel-toned beauties from Etsy that we’d looooove to see in a bouquet.