Should you DIY wedding flowers? What to know before you say GO

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DIY wedding flowers
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We love DIY flowers, and also DIY faux flowers, flower alternatives, and handcrafted iron flower wedding bouquets. But however openminded you are about flowers, you should go into the floral part of your wedding plans with your eyes open.

It's way too easy to think, “It's just flowers. I can do thaaaat!” as a favorite florist once said… Possibly because she had heard brides say that before! …A lot. But you need to make sure you're ready for all that's involved when you DIY your wedding flowers.

Make sure your expectations are realistic

Here are some things you need to keep in mind before you decide to save money by having your cousins help you do the flowers the morning before the wedding.

  • Flower arranging looks easier than it is. If you are determined to DIY, go with dozens of big splashy blooms. Making a gorgeous centerpiece from two sprays of cherry blossoms and an orchid requires artistry. You may find that the extra cost of the flowers makes DIY less economical than you'd think.
  • Doing the flowers is hell on your nails. And your cousins' nails, too.
  • Exotic flower containers aren't practical. Those antique birdcages, silver epergnes, and cool-shaped coal scuttles look great on Instagram, but you don't have many of them hanging around the house, do you? Exotic containers definitely save cash and make a splash — if you can beg or borrow them! Not so much if you have to buy them.
  • Flowers can stain… your hands, your clothes, those rented tablecloths! Florists know which blooms and berries to be careful about, but you might not.
  • Your flower arrangements are going to need cold storage, and transporting them could be a bear. That doesn't mean you can't get them ready the day before, and then recruit all your friends to hold vases full of cold water between their satin-covered knees for the long car ride to the venue… but just be honest with yourself about the effort involved.

How big should DIY wedding flowers be?

At Offbeat Bride, we know better than most that rules are made to be broken!

That said, some of the guidelines about DIY flowers are practical, not stylistic or about etiquette. Here are a couple small guidelines to consider with DIY floral sizes:

  • Centerpieces should be no taller than from your elbow to your wrist, or your guests will be peering through the foliage to make conversation.
  • A bridal bouquet should generally be no larger than the bride's head. But the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet. Grab a foot-wide object and sashay down the aisle with it before you decide to carry something much bigger. You might have the presence to carry it off, but make sure you have the upper body strength, too.

How do you know how to arrange your DIY wedding flowers?

If you want to DIY your wedding flowers, but still want some experts consulting with you, one option is to talk to our pals over at The Bouqs Co Weddings. Their collections are the perfect options for couples looking to stick to their budget or have ultimate customization. The DIY packages arrive in loose stem form a few days before your wedding, leaving you with just enough time to assemble your friends and family to help you arrange your bouquets.

Plus, Bouqs Co Weddings send step-by-step instructions so each floral piece turns out exactly how you pictured. For couples looking for an elegant and seamless floral experience, their pre-arranged packages arrive already assembled into bouquets, boutonnières and centerpieces, leaving you with more time to enjoy each moment of your wedding festivities.

For Offbeat Brides who want to go for DIY flowers, Bouqs Co Weddings‘ wedding experts can curate arrangement that exactly meet your needs, whether it's minimal rustic vintage, or rainbow bright geeky — they've even helped with DIY Lego wedding flowers!

Ready to say HELL YES to DIY wedding flowers?

Our DIY wedding flowers archive is deep and goes back over a decade.

Whether you're looking for wedding flower inspiration, DIY tutorials, or just more advice, we've got what you need!

Let us know how it turns out!

We can't wait to see what you create.

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