Confetti Toss Recessional

The Offbeat Bride: Jodi, Social work student

Her offbeat partner: Kim, Respiratory Therapist

Date and location of wedding: The Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens, Phoenix, AZ — December 12, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Our venue, The Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens, was beautiful enough that we only needed a few personal, DIY touches to create the atmosphere we were going for. Kim is very persistent, which came in handy for completing projects. We had our FDA (flower disbursement agent) scatter paper hearts punched out of sheet music (“Canon in D”) and neon pink and green cardstock. Our RSA (ring security agent) walked our fur child, Scruffy, down the aisle along with our rings in a locked safe.

Handmade Sheet Music Heart Backdrop

Card and Guestbook Table


We made a paper heart and crystal curtain that draped behind our sweetheart table, and tree branches draped in bling and sparkle as centerpieces. We gave our guests two favors: a CD containing our love soundtrack (since I'm a DJ), and jars of Fluffernutter from Kimi, because I am the marshmallow fluff to her peanut butter.

We spent the few nights before the ceremony baking homemade desserts for our guests, and presented them during cocktail hour. Our philosophy is that life is short, so eat dessert first. Thankfully, Kimi's mom bailed us out when we realized we were in over our flour-covered heads.

Mixed Neon Wedding Party

Our wedding party all wore neon pink and green Chucks, and we wore black and white ones with our date, 12/12/12, embroidered into them.

Parents and Fish

Flower Dispersement Agent (Flower Girl) and Ring Security Agent (Ringbearer)

Tell us about the ceremony: My sons gave me away, and we had seats honoring my mom who has passed, and Kimi's best fish friend, Fishie. Fishie was very excited about our big day, but unfortunately passed away before it arrived. We released a goldfish into the fountain where we said our vows in honor of her, and her presence was felt all day.

Fish Release in Memoriam

Jodi's sons walked her down the aisle

We said vows from a ceremony that we wrote, and then read “I love you because” lines to each other. We had a fun unity ceremony, too. We opened a trajillion glow sticks and separated the two fluids into hot pink glass vases, and then poured them into one glass vase and watched it instantly light up and glow!

Glowstick Unity Light

Glowstick Unity Light

Lots of Laughter

Our dear friend, Koompa, read “I Love You” by Roy Croft. While we were pouring our glow sticks, she read this:

On this day you make a new light together, symbolizing the two becoming one. May the bright light that shines from each of you continue to feed the new light of love which will fuel your future together through all its hopes and disappointments, its successes and failures, its pleasures and its pains, its joys and its sorrows — a future filled with the warmth and love of the brightness you share today.

Garden Ceremony

A few of our I love you because's:

Jodi to Kim

  • your four-legged brain makes you my most loyal and loving friend
  • you are Batman, a ninja, a platypus, a fish, and occasionally Handy Manny
  • your brilliance makes everything around you brighter
  • you manage to do or say something at least once every day that takes my breath away

Kim to Jodi

  • you don't mind going to the children's museum… without any children
  • you think I am awesome, and I am pretty sure you would still hold my hand even if I wore a real cape instead of the invisible one
  • you eat the grape candies and the crunchy french fries

The Kiss!

Our biggest challenge: A few months before the wedding, Kim was relocated out-of-town for work, and I had to stay behind to finish my semester. For the first time, we were separated from each other. That in itself was a challenge, but planning a wedding on top of the new job, finals, and miles between us was definitely a hurdle. We jumped it though, and racked up miles on the road as well as lessons in compromise and faith in each other. We both have inner “control freaks” who were taught how to relinquish it. We ended up falling more in love the harder it became, and now know that we always have the other's back.

Another challenge occurred after we attended a bridal expo and met a videography company who wowed us with their portfolio. We soon after began rearranging our budget to afford their services. After we emailed them, we were devastated to receive a response stating they would only document a union between a man and a woman. We were more affected by this than we had thought, and actually became squeamish about approaching other vendors. Thankfully, we were referred to Jakfoto Films through a friend, and they were so appalled at how we had been treated that they basically scooped us up and instantly began making up for the ignorance of other vendors. They have been embracing our love since then, and they documented our day like no one else possibly could.

Here's the result of their amazing expertise:

Toast from the Best Chick

My favorite moment: Some of the most meaningful highlights were: our memory table full of photos of all of our loved ones who were there in spirit, and the viewing of a video created by our videographers documenting our love story and engagement (we didn't see it until that night with all of our guests!). One of our “best chicks” also rocked the best.toast.ever!

Puppy Kisses

My funniest moment: Our wedding party entered the dancing phase of our reception Glee-style, which included ribbon twirling, boys spinning boys, and even the “rhythmically challenged” rockin' out to “Marry You.”

Sweetheart Table Kiss

Was there anything you were sure was going to be a total disaster that unexpectedly turned out great?
The dessert table was a hit despite our worries. It couldn't be done until the last-minute, and thanks to Kim and her mom pulling an all-nighter, it was breathtaking. I shamefully admit that I did not think it would come together since there were so many items to be baked, dipped, and decorated.

First Dance

My advice for Offbeat Brides: Don't be afraid to let the “cheese factor” tip the scales. We found the silly, goofy, and even vulnerable sides to us were the ones that touched people the most. Letting go of what others might think was a challenge for me, but I really just wanted the world to know how much I loved her and how amazing she was. In order to truly let that show, I had to allow myself to be “adorkable” and open up.

Black, White, and Rhinestone Tiered Cake

Handmade Fish Cake Topper

What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding?

  • Lesson 1: If Kimi says it will happen, then she will make it happen
  • Lesson 2: When the love is real, it flows freely and everyone feels it
  • Lesson 3: We make a crazy awesome team. Rockstar + Ninja = WIN

Sparkler Exit

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  1. I have to say, that is the sweetest GIF ever. Everything about this wedding was so beautiful and I totally cried throughout the video. Congratulations to Jodi and Kim!

  2. This whole post brought me to tears. What a beautiful wedding and congrats to the both of you!

  3. This couple. This wedding. THAT VIDEO. I bawled. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    Also, glow stick unity ceremony, OMG! That is so freaking cool.

  4. The video is absolutely amazing!
    Such a beautiful wedding!
    Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  5. I love the glow stick ceremony! Wow, that’s so cool and very original!

    And I love the beautiful wedding, and I’m very happy for both of you! I started tearing up watching the video, I can’t believe some vendors were so ignorant. You two are a beautiful, wonderful couple, and I’m a perfect stranger brought to tears by your wedding. Congratulations, you two.

  6. Very few weddings have made cry or even teary-eyed…. This wedding was absolutely beautiful. Congrats to the couple! 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness. I just watched the video and I’m losing it right now. Your wedding was SO amazing. I could feel the love radiating from my computer screen. Wow. I’m honestly inspired by so many things in your wedding (the paper hearts for example). Thank you for sharing this, I was having a bad day and this warmed my heart.

  8. I found this ,thinking, “I bet this will be cool to see.” I am in tears……..the love you two generate to one another is amazing. As a lesbian myself, I long for the day , for us all to be able to have such an amazing experience…….truly congratulations to you both and may love and laughter follow you both through your lives……..

  9. That first videography company missed out. I have never seen such a raw and real and beautiful love story play out before me in photos and film. I loved everything about this. Beautiful brides: you had me crying throughout all 8 minutes of your film. p.s. I think I’m gonna steal the Benny B. song. Wishing you amazing things in the years ahead. –Wendy

  10. I am so glad you were able to have an amazing day despite distance and a run in with an ignorant vendor. I was pleased to see you ended up hiring Jakfoto. I actually have had the pleasure to meet the owners and they are amazing. They documented a zombie pub crawl I attended and were excellent. I hope the two of you have a wonderful life full of love and laughter together!

  11. I watch videos without audio ’cause I’m at work, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as clear as that “Shut the front door.” (I hope I’m right, having said that.)

    You two were beautiful on a beautiful day. What a wonderful family you make.

  12. Totally bawling here. Glad my man’s playing a game with his headphones on!

    What a beautiful couple, fabulous vows and awesome best chic speech. I’m feeling the love all the way across the pond. Best wishes and here’s hoping for the legal bit of paper soon!

  13. Oh boy that video had me tearing up… beautiful so freakin beautiful. The “I Love you because…” was so genuine and adorable. The videographer did such a great job with the video too – I love how they included the newspapers on the day of your wedding. Very nice touch.

  14. Coming in from the UK, and that was unbelievably gorgeous!!!! What an amazing day you both must have had and stunning video work! Xx

  15. Thank you all for the sweet comments. Our day was absolutely amazing only possibly made better by filled seats of our departed loved ones, we felt them there in spite of the distance. Jakfoto was truly a blessing as were my parents making this wonderful day happen. I was floored at how well everything came together it was perfect!=) <3

  16. Oh my goodness what a magical video! So much love!
    That ceremony has me in awe…!

    I was just curious, how did you go about separating the glow sticks / liquid with the little glass tube inside?

    I am marrying my love this September and we are trying to find a magical ceremony moment, and i think that’s stealworthy!

    thank you for sharing the love and the magic..

  17. Ok chelsie it was pretty easy just time consuming. I bought about 300 glow sticks and cut the tops off poured the solution from the plastic tube surrounding the glass tube into one jar then placed all the glass tubes in a strainer. Wash the glass tubes make sure ALL the liquid from the plastic tube is off then break the glass tubes. Make sure you break them in a strainer with a bowl under to catch the fluid that comes out this fluid goes in a separate jar and the two can not mix until your ready for it to glow once they mix there is no going back. I did this the night before the wedding and put the two solutions in water bottles very well marked and it worked perfectly bright as all get out to:-) green is the brightest but if you Google there is info out there on the order of brightness by color. Hope this helped good luck and we want to see pics or video if you do it:-) happy glow stick separating

    • Ohh wonderful thanks so much for the detailed info! I’m so excited. Last question and I think I’ll be done bugging you about this..but what kind of glow sticks did you get? The straight necklace kind or just standard ones with the loop at the top? Thanks again!

  18. Hi,

    Really really want to know where Kim i think it is (the one not wearing the dress) got her outfit from.

    I am looking for something exactly like that.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  19. Hey nicola,
    That was my outfit and we had it made by a local tailor. Good luck finding what you want:)

    • Thank you.

      Next question: what sort of material was used for the waist coat or am I now pushing it for you to remember that?


        • The top that is over the white shirt? Not sure what you would call it, sorry

          • Oh. We had the whole thing custom made. The white shirt is just a regular store.

          • Sorry, the black vest which is over top of the white shirt? Would you know the material they used to make it?

          • Oh no clue what fabrics she used, sorry. If I can find it ill look at the tag altho since it is custom I don’t know if the material will be on her tag?

          • That’s cool – i thought it may have been a long shot asking.

            About to get mine custom made and they are saying the vest is a light wool but doesn’t seem like it in the photos.

            Thanks heaps for your help anyway 🙂

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