Show your peeps where to sit with marshmallow Peeps

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Oh, you say Peeps are only for Easter? I say nay — Peeps as place cards are de rigueur all year round! Kyle and David definitely made it work at their beachside fiesta wedding. They're inexpensive, adorable, and best of all, edible. Easy peasy marshmallow squeezy.

Check out the rest of Kyle and David's beachside wedding. It'll warm you right up.

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Comments on Show your peeps where to sit with marshmallow Peeps

  1. “Easy peasy marshmallow squeezy”

    Can’t help but hear “Super Speedy Cider Squeezy “, was that intentional? Sometimes, I’m not sure how widely spread the brony culture actually is. (Or is it itself a referencce to something else I’m not aware of? hmmm)

    PS : I wonder if there is a kind of gummy that could be as stable. Marshmallow candies are really not popular around here.

  2. This is amazing. I love peeps, they remind me so much of my grandmother. I could easily do this and have the secret personal tribute to her at the same time. Thanks for the idea!

  3. These are super cute and light-hearted! If you are planning on doing this idea where there will be heat or humidity I recommend placing each peep on a little doily or cupcake wrapper. That way, if they get sticky your guests won’t get colored sugar on their fingers.

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