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If you’ve got a major sweet tooth, bask in these weddings featuring so much candy! We also have another archive dedicated to candy buffets, if that’s more your thing.

s'mores wedding favors

Eat ’em or take ’em: these s’mores wedding favors are a gooey gift guests will devour

S’mores are a staple of outdoor weddings in any season, but especially in the fall when the weather gets chilly and a bonfire is apropos. You’re cooking them up over a bonfire, adding them to your sweets table, and even making them into cakes! But a perfect way to provide a dessert AND a takeaway gift is an easy-to-make s’mores wedding favor.

Here’s how to make them super easily with a few staples from Michael’s Weddings™…

TheRedwoodWedding smores bar alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

How to make a kick-ass vegan s’mores station for your wedding

Since we had a butt-ton of vegans at our wedding, we made sure that they could have one awesome wedding s’mores station experience.

What I learned is that vegan s’mores are just as yummy and sometimes even better in some ways. Here’s everything you’ll need for your s’mores station…

We found the best place to find awesomely cheap wedding DIY supplies

There’s a REALLY good place to find awesomely cheap wedding DIY supplies

Reader Gina recently clued us in to a great way to snag cheap wedding DIY supplies: your local restaurant and janitorial supply store! If you have one in your area (pro tip: Google “restaurant and janitorial supply store + your city”), you’ll find great deals on bulk DIY supplies like table coverings, candy buffet supplies, and serving tools.

Carnival-themed wedding officated by Elvis as seen on @offbeatbride #carnival #wedding

Up your carnival-theme game: get a cotton candy machine!

So this idea works for carnival weddings, that’s a given. But really? ANY WEDDING can rock a cotton candy machine. Your sweets table, candy bar, and dessert spread is instantly that much awesome-er with the addition of delicious, fluffy, happy-inducing candy floss. I mean, just look at the faces on these kids at Christina and Michael’s carnival wedding (with Elvis officiant!). Those are some blissed-out sugar-fiends.

Geeky candy buffet ideas with MY M&M'S® -- as seen on @offbeatbride #sponsored #mysweetstory @mymms

7 ways to make your geeky candy buffet for adults totally nerdtastic

Who’s planning to rock a mad geeky candy buffet at their wedding reception? Candy buffets can be a super fun way to offer a less expensive favor to your guests, add some color and personality to your decor, and score points with kids and sugar fiends. It’s an all-around win. If you’re going with a geeky theme, like Star Wars or comic books, we’ve got some particularly dorksome tips for making sure your geeky candy buffet covers all the bases. Because all your base are belong to us.

This liquid nitrogen ice cream makes science flippin' delicious as seen on @offbeatbride

This liquid nitrogen ice cream bar makes science flippin’ delicious

This LA Mattel toy-themed wedding slayed us with fun details like the bride’s green dress, the vegetable centerpieces, and the toy decor. But one feature we were drooling over was their liquid nitrogen ice cream bar.