Eat ’em or take ’em: these s’mores wedding favors are a gooey gift guests will devour

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 | Photography by Catherine Clark
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s'mores wedding favors
Photos and tutorial by Catherine Clark

S'mores are a staple of outdoor weddings in any season, but especially in the fall when the weather gets chilly and a bonfire is apropos. You're cooking them up over a bonfire, adding them to your sweets table, and even making them into cakes! But a perfect way to provide a dessert AND a takeaway gift is an easy-to-make s'mores wedding favor.

Here's how to make them super easily with a few staples from Michaels Weddings™

What you'll need

  • Clear favor bags or boxes (I used Wilton® Favor Kit from Michaels Weddings™)
  • Large marshmallows
  • Chocolate bars of your choice
  • Graham crackers or cookies (I used Digestive biscuits to fit the round favor bag shape)
  • Tags (I used Martha Stewart Copper Solid Paper Tags from Michaels Weddings™)

Optional, but fun:

Feel free to get creative with the ingredients: use white chocolate, caramel-filled chocolate, spicy chocolate, sandwich cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or whatever you like!

smores wedding favors

smores wedding favors

Step one: Layer ingredients in favor bag

This favor will make two s'mores. Starting with two graham crackers or biscuits, add on a layer of chocolate blocks, then four large marshmallows, then another layer of chocolate, and lastly, two more graham crackers or biscuits.

s'mores wedding favors

Step two: add a tag and matches

Hand-write, print out, or purchase some pre-made favor tags. Using some twine or ribbon, lace the tag and a couple of long matches around the favor bag to secure it. Tie it in a tight bow so that it's easily opened but not coming undone.

s'mores wedding favors

s'mores wedding favors

s'mores wedding favors

Step three: include a sign, candle, and more matches

For display and for making s'mores at the wedding itself, feel free to add some signage, a votive candle, and a few more matches to beef up the favor. Then you're done! This was a pretty traditional s'mores combination of flavors, but you could go pretty wild. What kind of s'mores would you gift?

s'mores wedding favors

s'mores wedding favors

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  1. S’mores bars at weddings are very popular where I live. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this idea when I was planning my November wedding almost 4 years ago!

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