Allow me to introduce you to the S’mores wedding cake

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Jan Baker Barnett. Cake by Wanna Cupcake.
Jan Baker Barnett. Cake by Wanna Cupcake.

Look what popped up in our Flickr pool — a freaking S'mores wedding cake! I told Tribesmaid Laura that we demanded to know more about her unicorn-topped, campfire treat-inspired wedding cake, and she filled us in on all the gooey details:

We just told Wanna Cupcake that we wanted a S'mores cake, and they did what they wanted! It had a chocolate inside and a marshmallow filling and graham filling. It's based off their S'mores cupcake: rich chocolate & graham cracker cupcake topped with marshmallow buttercream sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs and a chocolate wedge. Tasted amazing!

Tasted amazing… looked amazing… I wanna stab this sucker with a stick and savor every bit of marshmallow-y, chocolate-y, graham cracker-y, wedding cake-y goodness. But I'll settle for consuming this with my eyeballs today.

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Comments on Allow me to introduce you to the S’mores wedding cake

  1. Oh my goodness. Drool.

    We’re not doing ‘The Cake’, but are instead doing a table of ‘regional sweets and baked goods’ for our international wedding. I’m totally adding ‘Something S’mores like’ to it!

  2. OMG!!! I so don’t like chocolate, but i will eat smores, snickers, twix, and reese’s. I am gonna look them up or a similar company. WOW that is like heavenly though!!

  3. i work with desserts, cakes kind of specifically, and i so wish dessert cakes would become a new trend! not that i dont like the flowers and fondant types (im making two for friends this year alone!), but dessert themes give a whole OTHER dimension to cake decorating.

    please make this a thing, future brides and grooms!

    • The cake toppers are salt and pepper shakers I got in a store in Olympia but I have seen them online.

  4. Oh

    Even my Other Half said that looks good, and he’s not as into sweets as I am. 😀

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