Enchanting accessories for your pagan wedding

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We're no strangers to pagan weddings here at Offbeat Wed! You can find everything you'd want to know, from pagan wedding ceremony scripts, how to plan a pagan wedding, and even real pagan weddings. Lately we've been seeing an uptick of Offbeat Wed readers shopping for pagan wedding accessories, and we love what y'all are buying!

So, we put together a few of our favorite pagan wedding accessories that Offbeat Wed readers have loved. How do we know what they've bought? We watch our affiliate sales stats closely, and then update our curated shop with our favorite products that real Offbeat Wed readers purchase! That means readers like you were the ones who actually curated this line-up of pagan wedding accessories! Ok, enough talk. Let's do some window shopping!

Celtic Moon Knot Tiara

This Celtic infusion wedding circlet would be stunning for a pagan wedding or any other sacred event. The headpiece illustrates the love of the moon and her cycles, with Celtic Trinity Knots throughout the center. It's the perfect accessory for a pagan wedding, especially of you're bringing in themes of the woodlands and Mother Earth! Plus, you can choose the gemstone you want in the center!

A long white hooded cloak

Give those mystical and mysterious vibes at your pagan wedding with this long and flowy white hooded cloak. This could pair nicely with an outfit that's dark and fitted. Imagine wearing this pagan wedding accesory while exchanging vows in the middle of a forest or under the night sky!

Matching gothic skull crowns

Nothing makes a lasting impression at a pagan wedding like a crown made of skulls. If your pagan wedding has elements alluding towards the full circle of life, nature, or ancient traditions, these would be on theme! Plus, the gothic design adds an edgy and alternative touch, making them perfect for soonlyweds who want to infuse their pagan wedding with a touch of dark romance and mysticism.

Gold celestial headband

Got a night sky theme going at your pagan wedding? This gold headband would be the perfect addition of sparkle to your celestial ceremony! In pagan traditions, celestial symbols often represent the connection between the earthly and the divine. Wearing a celestial headband could tie in your connection to the cosmos and your commitment to each other as a part of the larger universe. Not to mention it's just a visually stunning headpiece!

Pagan wedding crown with antlers

Does it get any more pagan than this crown? The flowers with the antlers would be so stylish for a pagan wedding that's earthy and moody! In case you were wondering, those are faux deer antlers. Pagan ceremonies often feature the bones of animals, and these deer antlers could bring a symbol of the wild and the sacred to your pagan wedding.

Rosemary and pearl crown

This rosemary crown is a simple way to bring more natural elements into your pagan wedding. It's a chic yet understated accessory that incorporates your connection to nature and adds a touch of earthy enchantment to your pagan wedding outfit.

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