9 nonreligious wedding poems to make your guests cry

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Nonreligious wedding poems are such an interesting balancing act… You want something emotional and heartfelt, but also a little not too heavy. You want a dash of funny, and a hint of modern — I mean, not that Robert Fulghum and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin aren't great, but it's nice to introduce your guests to something they haven't heard before. (Oh and that Apache wedding blessing everyone uses? It's not Apache at all.)

We've featured hundreds of nontraditional wedding readings in our archives, from ones targeted to second marriages and blended families, to ones for polyamorous commitment ceremonies. Today, I'm going to focus on modern nonreligious wedding readings from poets that cater more to Gen Z's tastes… this means a lot of Instagram poets and TikTok literati.

Nonreligious wedding readings

Thank you for showing me patience.

for meeting my insecurities with kindness

for looking into my tired eyes

and offering me a place to rest

thank you for keeping me warm,

foor holding me when things get

too heavy.

Thank yo ufor supporting me

and hearing me

and seeing me.

thank you for logivng me

and teaching me how to love too.

Karlee North

She asked

“you are in love

what does love look like?”

To which I replied

“Like everything I've ever lost

come back to me”

Nayyirah Waheed

A partner who

supports your dreams

and your healing

is a priceless gem,

a heaven in human form

Yung Pueblo

I think

we fall in love in stages,

I think it all begins

with the choice

to do so.

I think love is a door

built to take knocking,

I think we must still

turn the handle.

Tyler Knott Gregson

Find a partner who can accept you as you are but also inspires you to evolve because they take their own growth seriously. Love will not seek to change you, but it will embrace you so unconditionally that you will fe safe enough to heal the old and put effort into the new. The courage you both have stay committed to the inner journey will reflect brightly on your relationship, all the good qualities that you develop as empowered individuals will help you calmly, compassionately and creatively handle the challenges you may face as a couple. Because you know that growing is not easy, you will warmly support each other when one of you feels down and rejoice when victorious steps forward have been taken.

Yung Pueblo

Kind words through anger,

softeness in rage,

love is passion


with patience.

I'll give you


before all other


Tyler Knott Gregson

i want you to wipe away

everything you know about love

and start with one word


give it to them

let them give it to you

be two pillars

equal in your love

and you'll carry empires on your backs

rupi kaur

You are the golden rule

my mother read to me from story books.

you are the dragons

and the elves

and the forest

you are the magic

and the suspense

and i have the curiosity

of a child

who loves to read.

Camille Inkwell

This wedding reading feels a little scandalous but mostly romantic

Come here

and take off your clothes

and with them

every single worry

you have ever carried.

My fingertips on your back

will be the very last thing

you will feel

before sleeping

and the sound of my smile

will be the alarm clock to your morning ears

Come here

and take off your clothes

and with them

the weight of every yesterday

that snuck atop your shoulders

and declared them home

My whispers will be the soundtrack

to your secret dreams

and my hand

the anchor to the life

you will open your eyes to.

Come here

and take off your clothes.

Tyler Knott Gregson

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