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    Megan is outdoors smiling at the camera in a blue shirt with small white dots and sunglasses perched on her head.
    Megan Spindler
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    The most memorable parties are personal.
    There are so many places to include personal touches that highlight you and your partner throughout your celebration.  When you share your story with those attending you help draw guests in to develop meaningful connections with you and each other. This makes your event especially memorable for all those involved.

    I find the stories that spark conversations and turn them into keepsake table centerpieces for events.

    Leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your guests.

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    The world seems built for the boisterous and intense. But when we observe beyond the loudest voices, we can inhabit our spaces in deeply sensitive, compassionate, and caring ways. My art stems from my creative problem solving, attitude of experimentation, and intentional questioning.

    It’s important for people to feel seen and for us to practice noticing those in the spaces around us.  Without sounding too much like Broadway musical lyrics, you matter, and your voice deserves to be amplified and celebrated.

    You’re most likely to find our family on a “sniff” exploring the adjacent conservancy trails with our rescue dog, Nova, constructing the set for a school production, proofing sourdough for homemade pizza night, “art-ing” in the basement makerspace, enjoying -and critiquing- live theater, catching up on a chain reaction of house projects, tending to land in Stardew Valley or Core Keeper, washing pans (again) for our weekend lunch meal of fancy grilled cheese, or recovering from activities on the couch by reading or watching building + making YouTube videos.

    Words can't describe the creativity and talent of Megan's work. I always get rave reviews about her work. Her attention to detail is amazing. She also has a fantastic "can do" personality and is very easy to work with. Thank you, Megan! -- Stephanie

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