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Make your guests laugh AND cry with these unique wedding readings! We’ve got funny wedding readings, whimsical wedding readings, and tons of other unique wedding reading ideas. Check our Ceremony Advice archive for more tips on how to create your wedding ceremony.

nonreligious wedding poems 2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

9 nonreligious wedding poems to make your guests cry

Nonreligious wedding poems are such an interesting balancing act… You want something emotional and heartfelt, but also a little not too heavy. You want a dash of funny, and a hint of modern — I mean, not that Robert Fulghum and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin aren’t great, but it’s nice to introduce your guests to something they haven’t heard before

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A stealthy Pagan wedding reading

The question of how to tailor our ceremony to be “authentically us” yet not alienate some of the very Christian guests and family was definitely a point of discussion when we were planning our Pagan wedding ceremony.

pagan wedding reading on offbeat bride dress by stylishbrideaccs alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Why I’m using a reading from “Les Misérables” at my Pagan wedding

My partner is atheist, and I am an Atheistic Pagan, so we do not have a concept of a religious soul. Finding a wedding reading that feels right has been challenging, but we settled on a reading is from Victor Hugo’s book, Les Misérables. The soul mentioned in this passage–to us–is human energy. Love is the greatest of those energies.

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How to write a wedding poem to make ’em cry

When my nephew Chase asked me to read a poem during their wedding ceremony, I was honored, even more so when they asked if I would write one for the occasion. But I had no idea where to begin figuring out how to write a wedding poem. …Finding the right reading for a wedding is hard enough, but writing one?

Dragons, books, and so many fandoms at this nerdy literary wedding

Ours is written in blood: A wedding reading for book lovers

My partner and I are huge book nerds. I recently published a love poem inspired by that fact… and I thought it might make a great reading for other bibliophile Offbeat Bride readers like us!

Non religious wedding ceremony script on offbeat wed blog alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Super thorough non-religious wedding ceremony script PLUS readings and music suggestions

When Emily & Jack shared their non-religious wedding ceremony script with us, we were blown away by how incredibly thorough it was — if you’re looking for some secular wedding ceremony ideas to steal, this script is full of ’em!