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Wedding Ceremony readings

Wedding ceremony readings can be nonreligious and all about love — we’ve got tons of examples of wedding readings from books, songs, poems, and more! Be sure to check out ALL our wedding ceremony advice like how to officiate a wedding, dozens of wedding ceremony scripts, and even wedding vow examples! We’ve also got info about handfasting and other unity ceremonies. You’ll want to start here: Wedding Ceremony 101.

DSC 4757 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

How to write a wedding poem to make ’em cry

When my nephew Chase asked me to read a poem during their wedding ceremony, I was honored, even more so when they asked if I would write one for the occasion. But I had no idea where to begin figuring out how to write a wedding poem. …Finding the right reading for a wedding is hard enough, but writing one?

Dragons, books, and so many fandoms at this nerdy literary wedding

Ours is written in blood: A wedding reading for book lovers

My partner and I are huge book nerds. I recently published a love poem inspired by that fact… and I thought it might make a great reading for other bibliophile Offbeat Bride readers like us!

Non religious wedding ceremony script on offbeat wed blog alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Super thorough non-religious wedding ceremony script PLUS readings and music suggestions

If you’re officiating for a friend, this is the ULTIMATE wedding officiant script! So if you’re looking for some non-religious wedding ceremony ideas to steal, this wedding script is full of ’em… you won’t find a single mention of prayer, Corinthians, holy matrimony, the covenant of marriage, or solemn vows. Do your own variation, add your own promises or declaration of intent, insert your own blessings, and make it yours for your big day!

A horse ranch wedding with a horseback ceremony and DIY for days

That “Apache wedding blessing” isn’t Native American at all

That well-known “Apache wedding blessing” reading has nothing to do with Native American culture in any way shape or form, other than that it’s something that a white dude imagined Native Americans might possibly say. So I wrote a new one.

A horseback ceremony(!) at this misty horse ranch wedding with DIY for days

Marry a man who understands feminism: A feminist wedding reading

One of the most challenging aspects of organising our wedding for me and my wife was finding a reading that reflected our mutual values around feminism. I spent hours searching around for a reading to include during the ceremony…

Goth wedding inspiration

Macabre wedding reading: I Want to Die While You Love Me

This wedding reading may be a bit macabre for some, but I’ve always loved poems that possess a certain darkness and beauty at the same time. This poem is one of my favorites and is a great way to get some “’til death do us part” or slightly goth vibes into your wedding ceremony…