Zach and Rachel's wedding in Canton, Ohio had a Friday the 13th theme including DIY centerpieces with broken mirror pieces, black umbrellas hanging on the stage over the live band, black cat licorice, and they got married under ladders that Zach and his father made. With so much faux bad luck, it has to be good! Rachel made all the kusudama flowers for her awesome bouquet out of a book titled Rachel that she found at a used book store in the romance section. Amore Studios clued us in to the awesome details of this wedding and we love it!













Want to see more bad luck-turned-awesome? Check out the blog post at Amore Studios.

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Comments on Superstitions abound at this Friday the 13th wedding

    • I am getting married on Friday, June 13, 2014. We originally wanted a horror movie themed wedding, but i absolutely love this idea of all of the superstitions for Friday the 13th!!!

  1. I’m getting Married in Canton in June! (Actually in the picture with the duck sculpture my church’s spire is hidden by the grooms head!)

    This has given me some really good ideas to take advantage of my city’s very janky down town.

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it was a destination wedding (or describe as such on the blog). I wonder why they went to Canton?

    • Hello Jess, I believe they said it was a destination wedding due to the fact they (our photographer and his wife) were from Seattle, WA along with a lot of the guests for our wedding. Out of our 150 guest that attended 60% were from out of town so we were the destination in this case. Haha. We met Bryan at my sister-in-laws wedding in Seattle when she had a beautiful Day of The Dead theme wedding.

  2. I love this! We are planning on having a superstition party every year our anniversary (June 13) falls on a Friday. That ladder arch is the coolest. Your tattoos are beautiful, by the way!

    • Lol At first I thought to myself “that’s an awesome idea, we should do something like that!” until I realized the 31st can never land on a Friday the 13th. I should probably get some sleep -_-

  3. i LOVE the ladder idea AND the umbrellas! i’m suppose to capture a “circus” style wedding, but the opted out of the umbrellas (sad face)….i just love the idea of that decor and little things like that make it super fun!

    • Thanks, I just went on youtube and typed in magazine flowers. I figured out how to make them into a bouquet myself as apposed to just a table arrangement. They take some work depending on how many you want to make so its a project I would make some time for.

  4. Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments, I am honored Offbeat bride did this for us since I found inspiration for my wedding through this site!

  5. Do you know what is so amazing about this, especially the ladder-altar? This is essentially a giant “challenge accepted” to your whole married life. Like, “oh, okay, we’re getting marriws under an unlucky altar, and youed on an unlucky day – just TRY and mess with us, fate. Just fucking TRY us.”

    Some people would look at it and see bad luck, but I think you guys look at it as overwhelming optimism – and I love it!

    • Thanks NC73, We did in fact see it that way! We actually had a good amount of skeptics in our family because of some bad luck that has actually happened on Friday 13ths in the past. To us it was a way to make it something positive and gave us a fun theme! I did ask my husbands best man break all the mirrors I needed for my center pieces though haha.

  6. Omg, this is awesome! I’ve always fantasized about having a Friday 13 wedding because my boyfriend and I inadvertently had our first date on Friday 13. We also happened to first move in together on a subsequent Friday 13. It’s sort of our lucky day 🙂

    I don’t think the faux superstition stuff is our style, but I love the concept. I’m curious, did it make any of your guests anxious? Or is it just so in keeping with your personalities that nobody bothered to question?

    • That’s awesome and thank you very much! We had some people question the date we picked via surprise that its the day we picked but finished the sentence with that is something you would do.

      None of our guest seemed anxious and figured it fit our personality. Plus my husbands dad and his wife were married on Halloween 10 years ago and his sister was married on Day of The Dead 6 months before us. So for his side of the family the oddity was nothing shocking it was more my side who was surprised but ended up really enjoying it.

  7. I really wanted to get married on Friday the 13th, and there were three of them in 2012! Unfortunately, I was not able to get my venue on that date. I am so glad that you were able to!

    • Thank you, I hope that you were able to get another date you wanted or maybe booked it for Friday the 13th in 2013.

  8. I clicked the link to see the type of flowers. It led me to a description and photo on wikipedia and they don’t look quite as spectacular as yours. Please lead me to a tutorial of some sort! 🙂

  9. Oh, wait, I found the youtube search for magazine flowers and that helps a lot. But how did you do stems? In the video she didn’t use any… 🙂

    • Hello Jade,
      I went to the craft store and bought floral wire and hot glued it to the bottom. Once I had them all glued and arranged I wrapped ribbon around the bottom. Also the purple twists in mine are thick gauge jewelry wire. To get the color of the flowers I used an old book and while they were still in it I used a spray bottle with a food coloring and water mixture and sprayed the pages. It takes them a few days to dry depending on how many pages you do at a time. The size of the book does not matter I chose a small paper back (Also known as Mass Market size) and got two petals per page.

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