Are you up for an elegant industrial goth fix? Today is your day. Ashley and Paddy ooze delicious and colorful gothic energy in their 'til death do us part-themed wedding in Newfoundland. We got to see how these style mavens put it all together: think bright dreads and a mohawk, black Utilikilts, combat boots, and even some little peacock feather accents, all layered on a purple and blue backdrop. Sandra-Lee Photography captured every pierced and inked moment of throwing horns and rocking their bad selves all over St. John's, Newfoundland.
















If you liked this wedding, then these two weddings with hints of punk and mohawks might be right up your alley.

Thanks to Sandra Lee Photography for sharing this wedding with us (and for having lots more photos to see over at her blog post!).

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Comments on A colorful gothically delicious wedding in Newfoundland

  1. I love it! There is nothing so delicious as seeing two uniquely special people put their own twist on a wedding and run with it! Simply marvelous.

    Best wishes to the happy couple, they look very much in love.

  2. Never did I think our wedding would be featured on offbeat Bride.
    SandraLee did such a fantastic job with our pictures, we could not have asked for anything better.

    Thank you for all of the lovely comments πŸ™‚

  3. I’m from Newfoundland too, and we are such a small province that rarely does anything (especially wedding type stuff) get featured anywhere. We, as a province and culture, have so much uniqueness to offer, so this post made my week!! It would be more than amazing to have my wedding featured here, but I would be just as happy with seeing more Newfie brides too.
    Congrats Ashley and Paddy!

  4. Really? I’ve only been able to find one other one… Krista and Rob’s from sometime spring in 2012.
    And I think I’ve only been able to find two other NL weddings from other wedding sites. Every time I try to Google Newfoundland weddings or something of the like, the same three weddings pop up over and over again.

  5. Gorgeous! The hair, the eye make-up, the nail details…just beautiful. πŸ™‚

  6. Omg! The hair! The tats! The dress! The colors! The groom’s boots! All the things! <3

    You have fab taste Ashley, best wishes to you and your groom!

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