We couldn't stop ourselves from doing another theme week once we saw a pattern of era-inspired weddings. Get ready for the style and fashion from the past century!

We're so classy

The offbeat bride: Dina, Circulation Supervisor

Her offbeat partner: Travis, Fireman

Date and location of wedding: Church we met at in Salamanca, NY — February 29, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We threw in a lot of elements of who we are as a couple into the wedding: the Harry Potter-themed invitations, Bruce Campbell (our hero!) characters and movies posters as our centerpieces, and Travis' four-inch mohawk. Our whole goal was not only for us to have a great time, but to also throw one hell of a party for our guests.

The man, the myth, the legend for our centerpieces

Had to have the Army of Darkness poster :)

Yes, I woo'd in the middle of the service :)Tell us about the ceremony: We'd originally wanted to keep the ceremony pretty traditional, but it ended up morphing into something more personalized. Our pastor started off with The Princess Bride wedding intro and was cracking jokes through the whole thing.

We had a couple of Bible readings, but I also really wanted to have “In My Life” by The Beatles read. I was a little nervous about our song selections (like Smashing Pumpkins) because they aren't exactly ones that you would normally hear in a church, but they went over just fine.

My mom made our unity candle, which made the candle ceremony even more special. We also had an unplugged ceremony, which we had read about on Offbeat Bride. I had wanted our guests to be 100% present at the ceremony and I think it paid off.

They're so funny :)

Our biggest challenge: Our biggest challenge was that our wedding was on a Wednesday. People had a really hard time getting over that. We picked that day because it was Leap Day and we had thought it would be such an awesome day for us to get married. After a while, people started to warm up to the idea, but we are still catching heck for it being on a weekday when people tell us why they couldn't make it.

My popcicle wrote us a song :)  Hooray, hooray!

My favorite moment: One of my favorite moments was when my dad came out and sang us the song he had written about us getting married. It was so funny and had some touching moments. Another moment that still makes me tear up a little was when I walked down the aisle to “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson, Travis sang the whole song to me while I walked. Seeing his face and having him sing the most meaningful part of the song helped ease my nerves.

And the void will be calling!

We had to go all out :)

My funniest moment: One of the best moments at the reception had to be doing the “Time Warp” with my dad. He was nervous about messing it up at first and I told him that was the whole fun of it. He ended up going all out and it was such a blast to look back at the video and see him having such a great time. We are both huge Rocky Horror fans, so that was the only song choice for us.

Surprise 'hawks for the win!

It was also really funny when the groomsmen all came out wearing mohawk wigs to surprise Travis. I couldn't believe my mom had coordinated that with them all. Travis got such a kick out it.

"Guess What? I Love You!" by Zombina and the Skeletones as the first dance

Was there anything you were sure was going to be a total disaster that unexpectedly turned out great? I was really expecting our music selection to be a disaster. We are both huge fans of alternative music from the '90s, and we gave explicit instructions to our DJ that we didn't want any of the songs on our list to be edited. I can't stand it when they do that. I was a little nervous with the amount of songs that we wanted played that had “coarse” language in them, but no one seemed to mind.

Azkaban Wanted posters for placecards!

My advice for Offbeat Brides: If you have an off-the-wall idea, go with it. I questioned whether or not people would get a lot of the things we decided on, but you can't please everyone. There were some things that we compromised on, but the vast majority of them we did our way. I didn't want to look back on and regret making choices that weren't right for us.

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  1. I am sad I don’t know the bride and groom because to me this sounds like one of the coolest weddings ever!!!

    • Thanks! Yeah they are dyed dendrobium orchids. They come in all colors 🙂

  2. Harry Potter, 90s alternative, doing the Time Warp with your dad, AND Bruce Campbell love?! Are you guys us?! Beautiful wedding! I think I almost choked up a little upon hearing that your husband sang to you as you walked up the aisle! That’s so beautiful! I think it’s pretty fun you guys got married on Leap Day; I can understand where people come from about not being able to get a Wednesday off for your wedding, but at the same time… it’s Leap Day!

  3. Ahh! Love to see a fellow Buffalo bride on here 🙂 Your photographers are amazing! (and booked on my date unfortunately)

    Love the Bruce Campbell centerpieces- awesome

  4. Love Love Love the personal touches throughout the wedding. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that I’m meeting with the same photographer that you used. Can I ask, were you happy with Nickel City??

    • We were so unbelievably happy with them!!!!! They are amazing people and so fantastic to work with. You will love them!!!

  5. Where did you get the background for your photobooth? We are trying to do something similar. Thanks!

  6. Now I HAVE to have Time Warp at my reception! Love IT! Thank you for the (should have been obvious) idea!

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