I profiled nerdy Save the Dates about a year ago — now it's time for some geektastical wedding invitations in your face. So wipe off your glasses and get a real good look at these geek wedding invites. Some of them are for sale right now, and some of them were genius DIY projects from genius nerds in love, concerning science, math, video games, Doctor Who, and (of course) Star Wars. There's even a comic book invitation perfect for those of you who've been dreaming of custom comic book invites, but don't have the artistic skills to pull it off. I'm geeking out over ALL of these guys…


Molecular Bond Bridal Shower InvitationsMy favorite part is the clever wording “xx + xy chromosomes welcome” and “honoring the bond of.” I see what you did there!

Chemistry Wedding InvitationsChemistry wedding invitations. Get it? Y'all obviously have “chemistry” together. Wakka wakka!

3275081506 fc7b46e413 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Gotta love the dinosaur wedding invitations from Leslie and Emory's wedding at, where else? The Natural History Museum.

Celestial Wedding InvitationsCelestial wedding invitations for the astronomers out there.

savethedatecopy alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Tim and Jordan ganked this XKCD comic for their science-y love-y Save the Dates.

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Equation Wedding InvitationsI hate math, but I LOVE this wedding invitation.

We are Infinite Wedding InvitationsThe infinity symbol is kind of the perfect wedding logo for two math geeks in love, is it not?

Video games!

portalinvite 2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Karen and Ian Wedding Invitation ClosedThese are not only Tetris wedding invitations, but they're pop-up Tetris wedding invitations!

Front invitationElla and Luke both work for games companies, this was their Space Invaders wedding invitation.

openinviteTribesmaid Amorae made some awesome 8-bit wedding invitations that not only look cool but they act cool — they're interactive!

Pop culture!

Tardis InvitationThe interwebs flipped out over these Tardis invitations.

inv05 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)These Scott Pilgrims invites and Save the Dates kick ass!

Picture 21 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Jason and Heather kind of killed it with their geektastic invitations. I don't think there was one microcosm of geek meme-ery that they missed!

Invitation-O-Matic Wedding InvitationsWhat about unspecific geeky/general silliness, like these invitation-o-matics?

Infinity & Beyond Wedding InvitationsRobots + Toy Story reference = my nerdy heart is exploding from love with this “infinity and beyond” invitation.

>weddinginvitepreview1I was literally tingling with joy after seeing well-known cosplayer and Tribesmaid Ginny McQueen‘s Star Wars-themed invites.

IAN_MAUREEN_INVITE_FINALMaureen's comic book-style pop culture wedding invites REFERENCED ALL THE THINGS! And we'll never forget them.

A Comic Book Love Story Wedding InvitationsIf you're like me and would LOVE a comic book-style wedding invitation but don't have the drawring skillz to make one yourself, you'll be stoked about Minted's customizable Comic Book Love wedding invitation!

Did you or are you planning on sending out geeky invites? Tell us about them, or better yet, upload them to our Flickr pool so they can be shared with all the rest of us offbeat geeklings!

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Comments on Science, Math, Pop Culture!: Nerdy wedding invitations

  1. I’m probably making my own, since I am an artist, but these are darling and amazing! Sharing this one!

  2. Coming up on our 20th anniversary now, so we’re hardly newlyweds, but we did do a Doctor Who themed wedding invite back in the day. An artist friend of ours (also my bridesdude, since I didn’t have enough female friends to have bridesmaids) drew a lovely silhouette picture of hubby and me in our old LARP costumes from the Atlanta sci-fi con scene; it was embossed in metallic Tardis blue on cards with the slogan “We all have two hearts: one to keep, and one to give away.” 🙂

  3. Is there ANY way I can get my hands on the dino wedding invitation, or get in touch with whoever made them? Thanks!

  4. These are too awesome NOT to make e-vite versions!!!! Wish I could send the ‘Molecular Bond’ one by email. This would have been Perfect! Oh well.

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