Monty Python-inspired cake topper

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Wanna see the cutest Monty Python-inspired cake topper EVAR? Lookit…


Now, how exactly were these adorable birdies at all inspired by Monty Python? Tribe member Spaz Girl explains:

My Mister and I met online. In the Getting to Know You phase, we were IMing and the following dialogue took place:

Him: Do you happen to know the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Me: African or European?
Him: Wanna meet for coffee?
Me: Hell yes.

If you aren't a Monty Python fan, that lovely nerd mating ritual was dialogue from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Watch it here.

So, fast forward a couple of years, and I'm complaining about cake toppers. I don't want one unless I can have an African and a European swallow, carrying a coconut. Then Ye Olde light bulb goes off over my head. And the search began for my dream cake topper.


The search lead her to Etsy seller The Air Castle who whipped up this ridiculously amazing Monty Python inspired cake topper out of thin air!


Who knew a Monty Python cake topper could be so romantic!? Now, for the next cake topper I want you to bring me a shrubbery. One that looks nice… and not too expensive…

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  1. Then, when you have found the centerpiece, you must place it here, beside this centerpiece, only slightly higher so you get a two-level effect with a little path running down the middle.

    A path! A path! A path!

  2. Is that two swallows carrying a coconut together held on a sort of line?


  3. That is amazing! Madly in love, so much. I really do believe in weddings being what you want, not what people expect (within reason), way to make that cake your own.

  4. *This* made me weep with joy!

    Thank you for the morning smile I so desperately needed!! ^_^

    Bright Blessings!!!

  5. Love this!! I am convinced that this will be EXACTLY how my sister will meet her future husband/choose a cake topper! She became a giant Python nerd after I made her watch the Holy Grail (when she was only 11 lol!)

  6. So… At first, I was all like – those are the SAME TWO SWALLOWS! How could one be African and one European? And then I looked at the tails – BRILLIANT!

    Holy Grail has the BEST lines… “Help, help! I’m being repressed!”

    • If I went ’round, sayin’ I was Emperor because a moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!

  7. Awwww, I never thought a Python reference could be so “tweet”. Now if you put a lime in the coconut — well that would just confuse people.

  8. I love this!! I actually wouldn’t have realized it was a Python reference if it hadn’t been explained….it’s really a lovely, elegant cake topper. But so brilliant.

    • I agree, it is a great Monty Python reference, and still a really beautiful cake topper. Everyone will enjoy it!

  9. omfg!! this is the most adorable cake topper i’ve ever seen! and the story behind it is just as adorable! you guys are awesome 🙂 <3

  10. See, now you guys need to go to Doune Castle in Scotland:

    It’s where most of the scenes from the ‘Holy Grail’ were filmed. And BONUS: they have coconut shells* back behind the cash register in the gift shop. If you ask nicely, they’ll lend a pair to you so you can clop through the castle! Um, ask me how I know this…

    *the coconut shells are left over from the annual ‘Monty Python’ days. Not sure if they are still doing that but WHAT A GREAT TIME THAT WOULD BE.

    • Yes I believe they do! I really must go sometime, I mean I have a historic Scotland annual pass, there’s no excuse!

  11. That is sooooooo cute! My fiancé and I are still trying to figure out what we want. It’s a mix of WoW (Horde, duh), H.P. Lovecraft, IT geekery and the Metal/ Ska/ Rockabilly theme.

  12. Wow! Thanks for all of the uber awesome compliments! You rock my polymer clay world… 🙂 I am so honored to have the best clients…I LOVE them so freakin’ much! Thanks for the love!

  13. This might be the greatest cake topper ever made. Totally bookmarking the etsy seller for future reference.

  14. I. Love it. Just love it.
    I also love that the coconut is only half, so it’s going to look like it was too heavy and sunk in.
    Because “It’s not a matter of how he grips it. It’s a question of weight ratios. A five ounce bird cannot carry a one pound coconut!”

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