The Offbeat Bride: Rachel, cellist and yoga instructor

Her offbeat partner: Bo, musician and audio/visual technician

Date and location of wedding: Lyman Estate, Waltham, MA — November 10, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: The ceremony was very special for me personally because my beautiful mother walked me down the aisle, and my father performed the ceremony. He was cracking jokes the whole time and it really lightened up the atmosphere. We hired a viol consort, Long and Away, for the renaissance-inspired ceremony music. Since I'm a cellist, I have played in a billion weddings in my life and I wanted something different.




Our friends Noell and Ryan sang “I'll Be Your Mirror” by the Velvet Underground during the ceremony.


For the flowers, I just wanted a lot of red with black accents. I didn't choose specific flowers, but rather let the florist do her thing. I approached the table numbers the same way. I asked my wonderful artist friend and bridesmaid to make them. I just thought “bird-inspired” and she came up with these great silhouettes with glitter accents.


The reception had some great food, a beautiful toast by our best man and maid of honor, and our non-traditional version of cake-cutting. Bo and I don't care too much for cake, so we asked our caterers to make tiny tarts and chocolate-covered strawberries. They were organized on tiered plates to resemble a cake. So Bo and I just fed each other a tiny tart instead of cutting the cake.



The dance party was lots of fun thanks to the amazing Andrea Gillis Band. They don't usually play weddings, but they have been playing in the Boston/Cambridge area for many years and they also happen to be our friends.



My favorite moment: When I saw Bo for the first time at our wedding venue, he just looked amazing I also loved when Bo and I kept telling each other “we're married” every two minutes after the ceremony.


My funniest moment: My dad, who was officiating, was being a total goofball during the ceremony. He told everyone that my mother used to refer to me as a “self-cleaning oven.”




My advice for Offbeat Brides: Create an image in your head of how you want events to flow during the ceremony and the reception and try to plan it out with some padding for the unexpected. The day of the wedding, all I told myself was that I was going to try to look good, have fun, and say “I do.”


What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? Even though I already knew it, my husband is the most awesome dude ever. And my family is pretty cool too.


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dresses: Dolly Couture

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Comments on Rachel & Bo’s rockin’ red and black wedding

  1. Your hair is divine! The color and the style. That dress is beautiful too. There was something comforting and sweet and loving about reading this profile that I loved. Congrats you two!

  2. That dress is gorgeous! But I’m really confused about the “Self-cleaning oven” part, I’m not sure what he’s trying to imply.

  3. Hey, we’re shoe twins! I just ordered Gabriella Rocha’s Shelby2 in purple patent! They are so adorable! Are they comfortable? You look gorgeous, and it looks like your day was a blast!

    • Yes I lasted about 8 hours in them! They are much taller than the shoes I usually wear but I got used to them pretty quickly. Yay for purple!

  4. Not on topic of the wedding, but Rachel’s tattoos are amazing. I especially like the archer on her back. Actually on topic: I want that dress to be my dress (but with straps), and you guys have a very chic looking bridal party there. Congrats, too of course!

    • You can customize the sleeves with dolly couture! I actually originally ordered cap sleeves but the fit was wrong so I had a local tailor remove them. If you go with dolly couture you’ll want to order the dress about 6 months in advance. They’re super friendly and responsive. Just email them your idea and someone will draw you a sketch and if you like it then you order with a bunch of measurements they ask you to provide. It ‘s a pretty cool process…

  5. Oh MAN! Those invitations are so sweet! This whole thing is AWESOME! I am going to be a Dolly bride too! Congratulations

  6. I thought at first those black curly things in the bouquet was chocolate. I was thinking, “Yum, an edible bouquet!” Get a little hungry while the preacher talks? No problem, just take a bite of your bouquet. Quench your hunger. Practical and decorative.

  7. Is it bad that when I saw the title “red and black”, all I could think of was Les Mis?

    “Reeeeeeeeeeeed, the blood of angry meeeeeeeeeeeen / Blaaaaaack, the dark of ages paaaaast…”

  8. I LOVE the flowers! I also gave my florist my colors, told her like 2 things that I liked and to do her thing and make it pretty. She did an amazing job, and it turned out beautiful! Professionals who are good at their jobs are a wonderful thing.

    The bird tattoo on your arm is super cool as well. 🙂

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