Add a lot of heart to your ceremony with a floating hearts backdrop

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Photo courtesy of Hank & Hunt
Photo used with permission of Hank & Hunt

I am so into these magical floating hearts as the backdrop for a Valentine's Day ceremony. So much whimsy, so many flashbacks to Valentine's Day crafting in elementary school. We found this sweet tutorial over at Hank & Hunt. You can match it to your wedding colors, lots of colors as shown, or even a rainbow gradient! Then take it home and hang it in your living room (and then share it on Offbeat Home & Life's Repurposed Wedding Decor section!).

Photo used with permission of Hank & Hunt

to do this project, you'll need a heart-shaped hole punch, clear fishing line, colorful card stock (or paint chips), and tape for the back and for the ceiling. Head over to Hank & Hunt for more photos of the process.

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Comments on Add a lot of heart to your ceremony with a floating hearts backdrop

  1. totally doing this, one string of hearts on string of flowers, alternate, !! thanks

  2. I did something similar for a 2-year photo-shoot. I tied balloons to some clear thread I had and went to town shooting photos of the little tyke.

  3. I am going to saw this and i saw the brilliant idea of using paint sample cards to get the colours you want!

  4. Having just done this for Valentine’s Day, be careful how you handle the finished garlands. So many knots! It does look lovely though once you untangle them.

  5. Totally agree with the above suggestion, very colorful and feminine, just the way I have imagined ! And, coming to the jewelry and accessory part, I have preferred this site as they have an assorted collection of jewelry.

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