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The sexiest lace boots ever inspired this Valentine elopement shoot

The sexiest lace boots ever inspired this Valentine elopement shoot

Sometimes a pair of the sexiest red boots can spawn a whole theme. This was definitely the case with this Valentine elopement shoot covered in red, lace, hearts, and rosé. Don’t miss the killer crop top red wedding dress, the large gold mirror covered in song lyrics, the intricately die-cut invitations, the pear shaped ring, and the elaborate ombre cake(!) that took our breath away. Even if you hate Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to love these heart candies, red touches, and loving looks of this couple. Let’s take Valentine’s Day from kitschy to glam…

Give your guests vintage valentine favors at your Valentine's Day wedding (free printables!)

Give your guests vintage valentine favors at your Valentine’s Day wedding (free printables!)

When it comes to free printables, there’s little more prolific as vintage Valentines (which I love!). Give all of the guests at your Valentine’s Day wedding a little slice of nostalgia that they can keep forever in scrapbooks and memory boxes. Plus, these are free printables so they’ll only cost you the price of the paper! What a steal.

Here are some of my favorite vintage valentine favors to save, print, and gift to your guests…

rings and trinkets and sparklies for Valentine's Day gifts and proposals

So many offbeat rings and trinkets for Valentine’s Day gifts and proposals

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which for most of us means we’re running around trying to find something meaningful to give to our partners. Thankfully, we’ve got tons of vendor partners producing some of the most stunning and offbeat rings and trinkets and sparklies (oh my!) that we’ve seen. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to inspire you to give the gift of purty bling to your special someone. Or maybe as bridesmaids/family gifts. And especially as a gift to yourself. Oh, and bonus: a few of these folks have discounts going on…

Dr. Martens Joyce Heart Boot

We have big red heart emoji eyes for these red heart boots from Dr. Martens

Y’all know we love us a good wedding boot for kicking ass and taking names. Oh, and for dancing comfort well into the night. Dr. Martens boots have a particularly large following, and with good reason. They’re supremely comfortable and come in all kinds of flavors, including these adorable red heart boots.

We heart Valentine's Day weddings

Cupids, hearts, and pink EVERYTHING in this Valentine’s day wedding inspiration

It’s VALENTINE’S DAY which, love it or hate it, has a pretty solid aesthetic going on. Hearts and pinks and reds and flowers, and oh yes it’s good for wedding photos. We’ve collected some sweet invitations, stunning rings, sexy corsets, heart-filled decor, and toooons of photo ideas for your own romantic or Valentine’s wedding. Start scrolling and enjoy all the eye candy, why dontcha?

offbeat morganite 3 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

3 eco engagement ring trends and endless Valentine’s Day gifts from Brilliant Earth

Beyond being eco-friendly AF, Brilliant Earth has gorgeous engagement and wedding rings in every style you could lust after. If you’ve been noticing a certain ring trend that you’re drawn too, Brilliant Earth has been noticing them too. Check these out…