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Ah, Brilliant Earth… you know them as our longtime sponsor whose mission is to cultivate a more ethical and sustainable jewelry industry. And, because of that, we’re proud to announce that Brilliant Earth is the first jewelry company to earn independent third-party certification of the origin of their diamonds and the recycled content of their precious metals with SCS Global Services!

Beyond being eco-friendly AF, Brilliant Earth has gorgeous engagement and wedding rings in every style you could lust after. If you've been noticing a certain ring trend that you're drawn to, Brilliant Earth has been noticing them too. Check these out…

offbeat morganite 3
The Morganite Leonora ring and the Morganite Selene ring

Rose on rose

Is your heart beating as fast as mine as you gaze upon the gorgeousness of those rose-on-rose rings? Rose gold has been on fire in recent years, but now those who adore this look are taking it a step further by combining gorgeous morganite gemstones with rose gold settings. And it. is. stunning.

offbeat fancy shapes-new 4
The Fortuna ring with an emerald cut diamond.

Fancy shapes

Much like rose gold and colored stones, more and more couples are opting to forgo the traditional round brilliant cut diamonds for distinctive fancy shapes. Like square and cushion cuts (my fave!) and elongated shapes, like oval engagement rings and emerald cut diamonds.

offbeat vintage 5

Vintage engagement rings

For a unique piece that tells a story, you might be craving a one-of-a-kind vintage ring. Brilliant Earth has such a broad swath of vintage styles — Art Deco, Victorian and retro rings galore — that I kept thinking “that one — no, wait, THAT ONE!” as I scrolled through their collection.

offbeat vday gifts 2
Brilliant Earth has epic Valentine's Day gifts for under $250

Glamorous gifts

Brilliant Earth also has some awesome gift ideas. (*Cough cough* Valentine's Day approaches) In honor of the holiday of expressing love, Brilliant Earth has an epic Valentine's Day gifts guide.

No matter what style or color or gift you're in the mood for, you're going to find your eco engagement ring right here!

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