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    Hannah Lockaby
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    If you hope your wedding feels like an adventure, not just a photoshoot—

    If you want your “ugly cry” captured alongside your beautiful portraits—
    If you value your wedding details, but you value your people more—
    If you love romantic and dreamy images that stand the test of time—


    I’m Hannah of Hannah Lockaby Photo, and I’m a Greenville, SC native who loves photography and the upstate SC area. I’m in love with classic, timeless wedding imagery, capturing real connection between couples, natural light and beautiful scenery.

    Here are my vows to you as your wedding photographer:

    1. I LOVE MY CLIENTS AND THEIR LOVE. Your identity, gender, appearance, unique personality and needs are all welcome here — I want to get to know you, accommodate you, and represent you. This is a safe space.

    2. YOUR DAY, NOT MY DAY. Your wedding day is not primarily a photoshoot — it’s about you and your love, and I promise to never forget that. I won’t interrupt your candid moment in service of my photo opportunity. (That’s what our designated portrait time is for!) My favorite compliment to get is “we almost forgot you were there … but the photos are incredible!”

    3. I’M ALL IN. I am passionate about what you’re passionate about! Whether that’s an intimate elopement with only your immediate family, an elegant, detail oriented affair with hundreds of guests, or anywhere in between – if you’re excited about it, I’m excited about it. I limit the number of weddings I can take on per year so I can dedicate my time and enthusiasm to my couples in the way you deserve.

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    I’ve been a reader of Offbeat Wed since I was planning my own 15 guest microwedding back in 2013 (back when it was Offbeat Bride!) While our day wasn’t wildly offbeat to the eye, my partner and I found a lot of inspiration and encouragement to make our wedding day what WE wanted it to be rather than what the wedding industry / society / some of our family members expected it to be. To me, this is what makes a wedding “offbeat” – staying true to yourself and your love story, and crafting a day that is meaningful to you and your loved ones, whatever that ends up looking like.

    So, needless to say, my offbeat weddings hold a special place in my heart! I am always open to building my packages, offerings, etc., to accommodate your vision for your day and your unique needs.

    I’m committed to representation and am working to build a more diverse portfolio. (Hi, that’s why I’m here!!) In particular, I’d love to work with more LBGTQ+ couples, so please, if that’s you, let’s chat!

    A few things that my offbeat clients may find particularly helpful:

    • I use gender neutral language in our contracts and information packets, and include a space for pronouns in my intake form. And definitely NO using “brides” as a stand-in for “clients”!!
    • I know how to pose people of all body types and sizes and believe they deserve to be represented in my portfolios / social media streams!
    • I can pose couples in a gender neutral way – not trying to fit queer couples into a “hetero” posing model. (Seems intuitive, but you’d be surprised.)
    • I’ve been told I’m a calming presence on a wedding day – if you or your partner deals with anxiety or can easily get overstimulated, I’m here to help! I try to be unobtrusive and don’t over-pose or over-direct, and my goal is to interrupt as little as possible while still getting you incredible images.

    If you want a photographer who is (a) laid back and will make your day LESS stressful by being there and (b) will deliver timeless photos you'll love forever, Hannah is your girl. -Kaleigh, HLP client

    I offer all of my Offbeat Wed clients 10% off their wedding packages - just mention where you found me when connecting!

    LGBTQ+ couples -- I really want to work with more of you! Mention this listing for 20% off your wedding package.

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