Lucifire & Dave Tusks bright red circus wedding

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lucyfire n davetusk alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

lucifireWhat do you get when two British circus performers marry? You get a bride in a candy-apple red dress (made by Miss Katie) with matching candy-apple red pin-up hair, arriving at her courthouse wedding in a gold car with an eye-patched skull on top.

Bonus sweetness: on her website, the bride describes herself as “profoundly, ridiculously, disgustingly happily married.”

(Thanks to Kate for the heads up on these shots!)

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  1. Oh. My. God. My heart just exploded. This is THE BEST WEDDING PORN EVER!

  2. Love Love Love this for so many reasons. Her dress and hair gorgeous and my fave color 🙂 The bridesmaids outfits adorable and they looked stunning.. the guests looked amazing and the reception looked like a blast!!


  3. I second the devine ms. danger- by FAR the best wedding porn I’ve seen. And that pictures is my favorite wedding pic I’ve ever seen. I heart them.

  4. LOL Her hair color is the exact same shade as mine; I got married on Halloween (10-31-2008) and did the gothic/victorian red-and-black theme. I got an awesome bustle skirt from Kambriel….and I found a female officiant! It was pure magic. When I saw her hair color, I had to come comment!

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