wedding party playing processional on kazoos

Guest participation in your ceremony can be a big win in the fun department. We've seen kids ringing in the bride with bells, and a little pop culture reference thrown in to the vows to break the tension. But there's one thing that will demolish any tension that ever existed in that ceremony: a processional with kazoos.

Julia and Kory did this at their wedding, which was awesome for their Rocky Horror cast members involved in the wedding party. But every guest got to be involved by receiving favor bags with kazoos to play the processional (“Here Comes the Bride”) and recessional (“The Imperial March”).

One of our ring bearers in suspenders & bow tie

Tribesmaid Allissaknits armed her ring bearers with kazoos for instant child entertainment. Cutest little wedding musician ever, right?

Alternately, if you'd prefer not to walk into the kazoo music, you can always have everyone play you out of the wedding instead of throwing rice (or other throw-able materials!).

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  1. We did this at our wedding! It was inexpensive, fun and it sounded like 10000 bees buzzing ‘here comes the bride’!

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