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Everything you need to know about a wedding processional… from wedding processional order, to wedding processional song ideas, to alternative processional ideas.

Amy Jake 15 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Why couples walk down the aisle TOGETHER + processional song ideas

What better way to keep your cool and soothe your nerves than by walking in to your ceremony with your partner (like Jenny and Dean happily did above!)? Sure, it’s awesome to have that surprise moment, but coming in to the ceremony together means you share a processional song and a really sweet moment together, avoid any unnecessary gender roles, and keep yourself on equal footing. For some couples, it’s totally the way to go. Here are a few of our favorite couples who opted to walk down the aisle together…

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Separate, together, and in between: alternative processional ideas from readers

We’ve got a post that lays out some ways to craft your customized processional including how to lay out the order, how to choose the music, where to seat honored guests, etc. It’s totally worth a read if you’re at that stage of planning. But we also received some great ideas in the comments that I want to share with you today. Here are a few of our favorite ways to process down the aisle, outside of the traditional methods.

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Celebrate your geeky love with a LARPers’ sword arch!

We know we’ve got some Offbeat Brides in here who love to LARP, and have I got an idea for you!

Do what Faye did. Grab your LARP friends and give ’em a whisper when your partner isn’t looking. “Pst. Yo. Bring your fave boffer sword to the ceremony.” Mike was completely surprised when he and Faye’s friends created a foam sword arch for their ceremony exit!

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Wedding processional order and template + our favorite unique twists

A processional is an important element of any wedding ceremony. We’re creating a special moment that separates the mundane, everyday life from the extraordinary, ceremonial moment of your wedding. I’m going to talk through a fairly traditional processional. Although I’ll be using the terms “bride” and “groom,” this doesn’t mean that ANY of these positions and traditions can’t be used by anyone in any way they want…

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How can I make sure guests please DON’T stand for the Bride?

One of the unspoken wedding traditions that drives me nuts is when everyone stands up for the bride. I know it’s an old tradition and it’s a respect thing (or something like that. I’m not totally positive of the background). But why just for the Bride? Is anyone planning/have you seen anyone address this? Do you ask the guests to remain seated? Do you ask them to stand as the groom comes down the aisle?

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Boogie into your ceremony to a chorus of kazoo music

Guest participation in your ceremony can be a big win in the fun department. We’ve seen kids ringing in the bride with bells, and a little pop culture reference thrown in to the vows to break the tension. But there’s one thing that will demolish any tension that ever existed in that ceremony: a processional with kazoos.