Send your guests on a geeky scavenger hunt

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 | Photography by PS Davis
Scavenger hunt cards

Heather and Davis have a nerdy side and wanted to get everyone in on some geek-tastic fun during their cocktail hour. Here's what they did:

We had an undercover nerd scavenger hunt during the cocktail hour. We gave the guests a sheet with clues on it, and hid some of our nerdy possessions like a TARDIS and a Gandalf bobblehead throughout the decorations, which they had to find. For our guests who were not as nerdy, we played BINGO.

I found Gandalf!

You shall not eat the bridal party's nibbles

What fun times might you have planned for your guests?

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  1. I love this idea!
    We’re thinking of hiding Fallout Vault Boy bobbleheads at our wedding in a 1960s nuclear bomb shelter.

  2. We had I-Spy for the guests. They were given a list of photos to take throughout the party. Some of the options required guests to be creative, making for fun photo time!

    We played a “How Well Do You Know Us?” game. There were 48 photos spread out on 6 tables. The guests had to write down what the photo was or why it meant something to us. Highest number right wins bragging rights. It was fun to see what everyone thought for each photo, and surprisingly one of the guests who has only known us since last July won with the highest number!

    We also did Wedding Mad Libs. Each table had to choose a word from the category. After all the words were chosen, I read the story aloud. That might have been the best part! According to the story, my husband fell in love with me because of my previous career as a stripper. LOL!

      • Here’s the story I used.

        Wedding Mad Libs
        (Exclamation)! Tina and Marko have finally tied the (noun-thing)! When Marko asked Tina to be his (occupation), we knew she wouldn’t be able to say no since she put up with Marko’s (bad habit/hobby) for so long, and he adored Tina’s (plural noun). We hope the couple will always remember the day they exchanged (plural noun) as a day full of (plural noun). We couldn’t be happier. Our best marriage advice is to never (action verb) with your (noun-thing) in the (noun-place). We wish the (adjective) couple (length of time) of
        (adjective)(plural noun).
        Table number (guest names)

  3. We are planning a kid friendly scavenger hunt for the BBQ the friday night before the sunday wedding that will send them all over the winery resort and hopefully tire them out a bit. They come back to wine bottle shaped piñatas. We are also having a get to know the other guests type of bingo for the adults who are coming from all over for the 3 day affair. During the 3 stop winery tour on Saturday, we have a wine themed memory game and have arranged a separate trip to a local amusement centre for the kids. We picked 13 of our favourite tv and movie songs to play during time the guests are being seated for the ceremony and have asked them to guess the movie or show. We’ll award prizes, wine of course, to the adult winners during the reception. May also steal the mad libs idea.

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