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If you want no dancing at your wedding, that’s totally awesome! This is our archive of non-dancing weddings, and as you can see… everyone still has a blast!

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Introvert wedding reception ideas: have fun with NO DANCING

Look, some of us want no dancing at our wedding. Maybe we’re introverts. Maybe we’re living with a disability or a chronic condition —  or just feel like we’ve got two left feet. All reasons are valid — some of us just want no dancing at our weddings, and that’s freaking awesome. Here are 15 introvert-friendly dance-free reception activities from real live Offbeat Bride readers.

A soon-to-be mama & her handsome groom elope in the mountains of Glacier National Park

How I’m throwing a $3k wedding: 7 tips for saving money

My partner and I are have a $3,000 wedding budget for our wedding this fall. Throughout the planning, we’re managing to actually stick closely to our budget. Here’s how we’re doing it.

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Let the wedding games begin: 18 wedding lawn games + prize ideas

Outdoor lawn games are a killer way to keeps kids and kids-at-heart busy at a reception. They’re even more rad at a no dancing reception. Take advantage of a good season and some good outdoor space for badminton, ring toss, corn hole, and giant versions of your favorite nostalgic games like Jenga and 4-to-Score. Plus, it’ll get your indoor gaming friends out into familiar territory.

Let’s get to the games!

Non-dancing reception activities that bring your guests together

Bring everyone together with these collaborative non-dancing reception activities

“When planning our smaller wedding, we defaulted to dancing as the reception activity since that’s usually what happens, but it’s not really what we’d do for fun. We’d like to have another kind of activity that brings us together as a community. Any suggestions?”

Non-dancing receptions are becoming pretty common in offbeat circles, so it’s no wonder folks are considering different kinds of activities. I scoured our archives and did some brainstorming to see what non-dancing reception activities would bring your guests together. Here are some ideas…

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Why dance when you can have a “first Rock Band song?”

If you’re not into dancing, how do you have a first dance, anyway? Can you skip it? Spoiler: you totally can. Crystal and Kalem opted to skip the forced dancing, which they weren’t into, and go with their roots: video gaming! Specifically, Rock Band. They rocked it out in front of their guests as their “first Rock Band song.”

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Craft a quest adventure game for your reception

If you’re a gamer and want your reception to both celebrate games and give your guests rad ways to interact, this quest adventure game is right up your alley. Rebecca and Greg had a game-themed reception at Level 257, a Pac-Man-themed restaurant, arcade, and bowling alley in Illinois. Because they both rock the gamer life, they created their own specialized game rules, chainmaille and dice favors, and quest scrolls. Let’s see how they pulled it off…