You can’t even deal with how much geeky awesomeness is contained within this wedding

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Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 1.11.54 PMCheck out Brew and Kestre's custom-made Save the Date invitation, made by their friend and artist Violet Hope. This amazingly illustrated Save the Date contains 36 references to geeky TV shows, movies, and more! (I see homages to Doctor Who, Twin Peaks, Back to the Future, Portal, and Sherlock Holmes.) Can you spot them all?

The invitation is just the tip of the geektastic awesomeness that is Brew and Kestre's wedding. Wait until you see the event photos that showed up in our Flickr pool…

Bride and Groom
Here are Brew and Kestre in all their wedding day glory. How beautiful are they?

Console CakeWhat's this? Oh, just a freaking 8th Doctor‘s TARDIS console wedding cake.

Portal TurretTheir centerpieces were all geeky toys.

Vesica PiscisSpeaking of geek toys, the groom's father made a Vesica Piscis puzzle for their unity ceremony, in which they placed each of the pieces together.

Photo BoothOf course, what geeky wedding is complete without a TARDIS photobooth!?

Hopefully we'll be getting the full scoop from the bride and groom themselves in the form of an in-depth wedding profile. Until then, let's just gawk at that console cake again, shall we?

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    Firefly, Star Trek, and I swear that is a Boom Blox reference I see…

  2. I see Princess Bride, and is the little puppet next to the Sorting Hat from Angel? If so, I love that episode!

  3. Oh goodness, so many references! I consider myself pretty darn geeky, but even I could only get half of them: Indiana Jones, Myst, Firefly, Portal, Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Legend of Zelda, Dr. Who, Princess Bride, Spirited Away, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sherlock, Back to the Future … and those are just the ones I’m sure of. Bats=Batman?, Log = Ren and Stimpy?, those Triangle blocks look really familiar, but I can’t place them.

    Awesome 😀

  4. The triangle blocks are from The Fifth Element! And the little forest spirit dudes from Princess Mononoke, and is that one of the ghost-catching thingimabobbers from Ghostbusters on the floor? There is FAR too much awesome in this post!

  5. Now this is going to bug me!

    1. Sorting hat = Harry Potter
    2. Puppet = Angel
    3. Bat’leth = Star Trek
    4. Forest spirit = Princess Mononoke
    5. Soot creatures = Spirited Away
    6. Dalek + scarf? = Dr. Who
    7. Cube = Portal
    8. Bats = Batman
    9. Smiley = The Watchmen
    10. Umbrella + Jane hat + dino in the car = Firefly
    11. Car = Back to the Future
    12. Zero = Nightmare Before Christmas
    13. Box = Indiana Jones
    14. Eye in orb = Lord of the Rings
    15. Ghost trap = Ghostbusters
    16. Rocks with carvings = 5th Element
    17. Map = Game of Thrones?
    18. Shield = ? Stargate and/or Prometheus?
    19. Rat = Princess Bride
    20. Cane = Sherlock Holmes
    21. Sword = Legend of Zelda

    • This is turning into a fun community project!

      9. Smiley is actually Sherlock, the Watchmen one is more drippy
      17. Map on the wall is World of Warcraft
      18. Are you talking about the shield with the sword? That’s Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Navi is hanging out on the top left side too 😀

      I’m stuck on most of the small stuff on the left side:

      22. Book = Myst
      23. Blue poster =
      24. Bigger brown cube
      25. Little brown cube
      26. Purple cube
      27. Goblet
      28. Pie
      29. Skull on the Mantle
      30. There’s something gold on the floor by the car tire
      31. Log

      Anyone? 😀

      • The goblet is Indiana Jones: Last Crusade. You’re right about the map being WoW, the cubes are totally throwing me off, too, the scarf and Dalek are both Doctor Who (the scarf belongs to the fourth Doctor) dino and hat are both Firefly, and I’m not going to bother with anything else because everything else has been covered and I’m just reiterating it now. 🙂

        • The skull could also be from Sherlock Holmes, and maybe the gold thing by the tire is a snitch? . . . EITHER WAY this is just so full of awesome!!!

        • Skull could be Bob from Dresden Files, or a reference to the TV show Bones.

  6. Oh man, I hope that there’s a formal write-up on this wedding. The invite, the dress, DAT TARDIS console. <3333

  7. I’m pretty sure that #23 (“blue poster”) is actually the star map from “Time Bandits.”

    Also, I’ll bet that the pie (#28) is a piece of cherry pie, which would be “Twin Peaks.”

    Too cool!

  8. If we do get a full write up from them (please!), can we request an official breakdown of every one of the STD references?

  9. Everybody’s so busy looking at the objects, which are awesome, but I wonder who else has noticed that they’re actually in the TARDIS.

  10. This is AWESOME!!! I agree I think the little box on the companion cube is from Hellraiser. I love the ROUS!!!

  11. Awesome!! I didn’t know this got mentioned until today!

    Ok let me see what was correct and incorrect:

    Bats are actually a Nightmare Before Christmas nod
    Smiley is BBC Sherlock
    Map is WoW
    Cane is the cane from Bram Stoker’s Dracula outfit
    Other map is Time Bandits
    Log is twin peaks

    Everything else is correct on those lists.

    The gold on the floor by the car tire is really obscure (it’s a lemon, is that hint enough?) 😉
    Purple Cube (cartoon reference)
    medium brown cube (video game reference)

    I need to find the write-up format and I’ll post more about our wedding. Thanks so much for your comments so far 🙂

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