Even more tattooed brides

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This thread over on Livejournal almost made my head explode with all the gorgeousness of the brides with tattoos. No seriously. These brides are each gorgeous without the ink, but the tattoos enhance the beauty times fifty infinity gazillion.

Tasha Hundahl:
Tasha Hundahl

Unknown bride with Exploding Dog tattoo and amazing hair:
Exploding Dog tattoo

LJ user Alexisforever:

Head over to the original thread for even more pictures, and be sure to check out my whole collection of posts about tattooed brides!

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  1. DUDE!!! Ariel, did you see that cake display in the comments? With 5 cakes arranged on a table? What a great way to save money! Still looks beautiful, but you can do that with any kind of cake, not just overpriced wedding cake! I’m SO stealing that! The little one in the middle can even be the “main cake,” with offbeat cake toppers. Thanks for the link!

  2. OMG, I followed the link to the first bride (Tasha)’s myspace page and it looks like her man actually *proposed* via tattoo–did you catch that! You must get *that* pic!

  3. I like tattooed brides. Im of the opinion that a tattoo is part of who you are.. so why would you hide that on your wedding day? (and this is coming from someone with NO tats herself, I just think its great to show yourself…)

  4. Wow. I love tattoos on other people…and have never considered one for myself. Until now. I have been a huge Exploding Dog fan for years. If I were ever going to inscribe anything in ink on my body…it would most definitely be an Exploding Dog tattoo. I am so freaking jealous and in love. Something tells me she won’t marry me, tho. 🙂

  5. all of my brides maids are heavily tattood. I am a professional piercer umong other things, and love that all of them will be showing off their ink! It’s part of their beauty and I am honored to have them in my wedding! people have their traditions of how a wedding should be, but we decided it was our day and we were going to run with it! we took the traditions we liked (which isnt many) and used them. everything else we did on our own! (like 2 of the wedding party coming down the isle on pimped out big wheels!!!) It should always be fun if it’s your day.

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