What role of honor should my friend have?

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Cindy with her bridal bodyguards
Cindy with her bridal bodyguards
My partner and I have decided to only have our siblings in the wedding party, which is great.

However, I have a great friend that I would like to include in some sort of role of honor.

Any ideas what this role could be?

I need ideas!

— MP

I would ask this friend what role s/he would like to play, and maybe give him/her a few ideas and suggested titles. Basically, figure out what magical skill your friend has to contribute, and then build a special role for him/her around that skill. Are they a poet? Have 'em open the ceremony with a reading! Are they an organizational fiend? Appoint them Lead Wedding Tyrant! Can they cook? Then clearly they're the Feastmaster. Are they sort of unskilled but gorgeous and you really want them to be front and center at the wedding? Have them be the Illuminator, starting the ceremony off by lighting candles and incense. Designate them to hold your vows up while you read, acting as Wedding Notary.

As I mention in my book, at my wedding I had an assertive lady friend who stepped up as my “Bridal Bodyguard,” and she was worth her weight on confrontational gold.

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Some of my other favorite wedding roles include Wedding Captain and and Wedding Henchmen, but there are a MILLION of them.

There are as many great roles for someone in your wedding as there are amazing people in your life. Have fun picking a good title for them, and letting them run with their special skill! Just make sure you find some great way to acknowledge them, whether it's in the ceremony, in the first toast of the night, or some other way to hold them up and tell the world just how much they mean to you.

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  1. My brother is going to be my “man of honor” at our wedding, but he has insisted on the title of “Bride’s Dude”. 😀

  2. My best friend has five sisters, so I clearly was not part of the wedding party proper. SO she asked me to calligraphy a few things for her and make sure that the wedding party proper knew what to do and when to do it on the big day. It was really fun, telling nervous people what to do, and I didn’t have to buy a horrible dress!

  3. A friend of ours is going to be a man of honor, but he also made me promise he could be my Wedding Bodyguard after watching “How I Met Your Mother”.

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