Engagement ring consultants are a thing: Your search for an engagement ring just got SUPER easy (and more affordable)!

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This is Lia in the field. Searching the good search.
This is Lia in the field. Searching the good search.

Good news people: There is such a thing as an Engagement Ring Consultant, and that fact might make your engagement ring shopping process a lot easier, and surprisingly cheaper!

Basically, you'd hire an Engagement Ring Consultant for the same reason you hire someone to do your taxes or hire a wedding planner to help plan your wedding. The world of fine jewelry is complicated and nuanced, and their insider knowledge can actually save you money.

You also might want hire Little Bird as your consultants, diamond hunters, and jewelry design experts because… well, Lia and Danielle are rad!

Oh, and they have a special deal for our readers…

This is Danielle doing her thang.
This is Danielle doing her thang.

What do they do?

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Lia and Danielle are industry experts that want to help you navigate the creative and financial process of purchasing an engagement ring. The best part is that they don't represent specific jewelers. Instead, they work with a ton of awesome designers — from well-known longtime friends of Offbeat Bride like Brilliant Earth, to the fashion-savvy designers taking over Pinterest, to the smaller designers that are as hard to find as they are awesome.

As Danielle put it: “In a nutshell, Little Bird can ‘get weird' with you. We go places that a jewelry store representative can't go to ensure that our clients select the most badass ring possible for their tastes and preferences.”

OBB Antique reproduction ring

How do they do it?

If you're looking (or thinking about looking) for just the right engagement rings or wedding bands, our sponsor Little Bird will learn about you, your goals, your timeline, and your vision to help you identify your preferences and guide you through key decisions. Geeky references? They can help. Eco-conscious diamonds? They can help with that too. Sparkles you can actually afford? Yep. They can leverage their industry savvy and connections to direct you to the best jeweler to fulfill your vision for your ring, and they provide support throughout the purchasing or custom design process.

Bottom line: Much like hiring a wedding planner to plan your wedding, hiring an engagement ring consultant to find your wedding ring can save you time and a chunk of change.

What does it cost?

Little Bird packages range from $75-$600 and include:

  • GIA-certified diamond grading experts, helping you understand what is worth paying for and what is hype
  • Custom design the perfect ring from start to finish
  • Find the perfect ring within a tight timeframe
  • Save $500-$5,000 on your engagement ring purchase
  • Gain access to their network of awesome and unique designers
  • And avoid the common pitfalls

Offbeat Bride discount:

Kickstart your ring shopping process with a free consultation just for Offbeat Bride readers! You'll hop on the phone, they'll find out where you are in the process, and get you headed in the right direction. Just fill out this form, and Little Bird will schedule your complimentary consultation.

OBB Ring closeup

Still not sure?

Let this quote from Little Bird clear it all up for ya…

We want to nurture your creativity and help you find a ring that honors your uniqueness. We help you translate what you know about your offbeat style into straightforward design elements and match you up with the perfect jeweler or designer — exploring out-of-the-box options and connecting you with obscure designers and secret rock stars of the jewelry industry. We also relish helping you find the perfect alternative gemstone.

We'll give you our unfiltered, honest opinion because we are totally independent. Bring us your most offbeat ideas, and we will make your rings come true. Seriously, nothing is too weird. We once designed a ring based on someone’s power animal.

So gather up your best power animal inspiration, grab the link to your jewelry board on Pinterest, and come at Lia and Danielle with your best engagement ring dreams. Let a Little Bird make your wedding ring dreams a reality!

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  1. Uggh. I really REALLY wish I could go back in time and hire these people to help us. BF and I shopped together. AWKWARD :/ I have a princess cut in an engraved silver color ring and it’s cool. I’m on the fence about engagements in general. In the end, I’m glad we did the engaged thing I just wish I wasn’t a part of the ring shopping part.

  2. I used Penlingtons of London to help me source mine – a really nice Edwardian triple cluster ruby. I genuinely think there is some real value to getting a consultant to help, especially for antique rings which my fiance was after. I think you can be run over by jewellers otherwise.

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