Big and tall, plus size grooms, and larger dappers: Where to shop for larger-sized groom gear

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Where to shop for plus size groom fashion via @offbeatbride

Have a need for suits in larger or extended sizes for yourself or your partner? We know that it's not only plus-size brides and feminine-identified folks who can have challenges finding wedding wear that feels good. Here's a run-down of some brick and mortar and online stores to find custom-fit and larger-sized suits and groom gear for plus size grooms, big and tall grooms, dapper brides, and other masculine-identified folks who want to rock the perfectly-fitting wedding suit. You choose your identity, we'll supply the list!

Let's go shopping :

Boutique and custom options

Duchess Clothier

Where to shop for plus size groom fashion via @offbeatbride
Duchess Clothier tailors made-to-measure custom suits, garments, and costuming for all types of wedding garb. We've been showing off their stuff for years. Here's their portfolio to get your brain going.

Cort rocking a Duchess suit. Photo by Jessica Watson

Vigilante Labs / Machete & Sons

vigilante labs for plus size grooms on offbeat bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Jeffery here says “Beautiful workmanship, in a style that suits me well. Whatever the latest clothing style happens to be, it’s unlikely to look great on every body type-just one reason to rummage through history and consider vintage-styled clothing with an aesthetic that suits you. If all my clothes were made this well, I probably would wear out far fewer of them too.”

Vigilante Labs and Machete & Sons are sister companies. Vigilante Labs makes suits for women, transmen, and dapper folks. Machete & Sons focuses on historical-sized suits for folks of all sizes. Both companies create completely bespoke formalwear that's customizable in the neck, chest, and sleeve to avoid any weird gapping in the chest and to accommodate larger sizes and different types of body shapes.

masculine suits for women
The Romeo Custom Made Women's Suit from Vigilante Labs


Where to shop for plus size groom fashion via @offbeatbride
Everything at Indochino can be custom-made to your measurements, which is always ideal for making sure you're fitting your body well. Plus, they've got some really beautiful and less conventional options.


Where to shop for plus size groom fashion via @offbeatbride
Cubavera has a distinct beach wedding vibe, and has a pretty affordable selection of standard options going up to XXL in suits and 5X in their linen shirts and pants.


Where to shop for plus size groom fashion via @offbeatbride
KMKDesigns has loads of dresses, but they also offer up custom sizing options in gothic, steampunk, and Victorian masculine styles.


Jason seeing his bride for the first time
Photo by Kari Bellamy Photography

Prangsta is a UK-based bespoke tailor, making primarily fantasy-inspired garb. We fell in love with them when we saw Jason rock them at his Medieval handfasting.

Black Lapel

Where to shop for plus size groom fashion via @offbeatbride
You'll start with your measurements at Black Lapel and then go into mega customization mode. So many options, so little time!

Scotweb Tartan Mill

Photo Session
Photo by Erin Michelle

Scott rocked his amazing kilt suit from Scotweb, who will custom size for you.

Carnival of the Maniac on Etsy

Where to shop for plus size groom fashion via @offbeatbride
Another amazing Etsy find, this store has loads of kick-ass vintage finds, many in larger sizes. It would take a little digging, but it might be worth the effort if you're looking for something really different.


Big box options:

Banana Republic

Banana Republic only goes up to size XXL, but it's an option for anyone in that range or below who needs extended neck sizes, longer sleeves, and larger pockets.

Men’s Wearhouse

You can get your suit or tux tailored to measure at Men’s Wearhouse, which is often the easiest way to go, and ensures that you can go back and have it fixed if needed. Just watch out when getting onto their chronic mailing lists.

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory carries a large selection of really affordable suits and separates for bigger guys.


Nordstrom has a fairly solid selection of big and tall suit options, and the prices have a large range so you'll likely find something within your budget.


Super similar deal to Nordstrom: Macy's has a large range of prices and a pretty solid selection. These big box stores just lack the customization options of some of these other smaller joints.

Jos. A. Bank

The suits at Jos. A. Bank run a little pricier, but they had a solid selection of big and tall options, albeit in mostly pretty traditional styles.


Belk's suits and separates are fairly affordable with extended sizing options. There's not a huge selection of styles, but if you're going for a more traditional look, this could be a good option.

Online rental option: Jos A. Bank

Rent a custom-fit suit online at Jos A Bank with no sizing hold-ups for just yourself or your whole wedding party. Plus, you can talk to a human if you need to, which is always a bonus with custom sizing.

Longer neckties

The Tie Bar has options for longer neckties in 63″ and 67″. You can also customize ties from one of our faves, Cyberoptix.

Looking for more masculine dress-up options?

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  1. I can also highly recommend Denver Bespoke ( for custom work. He did an amazing job with my husbands wedding attire; and he did it all without ever meeting my husband in person. (

    We took measurements, and AJ made a muslin mock up based on those. We took tons of pictures of how that fit, put safety pins in places where we wanted things tighter etc, and he made adjustments accordingly. My Sasquatch was so handsome. My only sad of the day was that we had a heat wave the weekend of our wedding and Sasquatch didn’t keep his full suit on long after the ceremony.

  2. If you’re looking for some historical wear (well around the 1800s and early 1900s) Gentleman’s Emporium, and Western Emporium also have some great plus size selections for men.

  3. AWESOME post – exactly what I need for my big guy as we prepare for his brothers’ wedding

  4. I’m pretty sure Dark in Closet is actually a Chinese knock-off site. I can’t find anyone who has ever actually ordered from there to verify quality (hey, some Chinese knock-offs are pretty darn close to the original but much more affordable), but I can promise you at least some of those pictures are stolen. I recognize several of the items from various designers across the internet, including at least one dress stolen from Wedding Dress Fantasy (one of our own Offbeat vendors). Given the prices and questionable validity, I wouldn’t risk ordering anything from this site.

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