An elegant Star Wars invitation suite, for a more civilized age

Guest post by amortentsia

star wars rebel and empire wedding invites

When we first thought about having a Star Wars-themed wedding, I knew I had to design all the stationery myself.

Of course, we chose a theme that is already its own brand, but I didn't want to just arbitrarily take from what's already in existence, and I wanted something a little more elegant than geeky. (Elegance is important to me, so that our families aren't so put off by the geekiness that they're uncomfortable.)

So how do you create a “brand” or consistent theme that is totally geeky, with an established standard, yet still keep it elegant? Here's how I did it…

Rebel Empire star wars wedding logo

My first task was to create a wedding logo. I'm more the Rebel Alliance chick, while he would rather be an Imperial Officer. So it had to show both. And I wanted it to be unique and us, so I put our monogram in the middle. This logo has gone on our Save the Date postcards, envelope seals for the invitations, and an enclosure card with the wedding website on it. I will probably use it somewhere in the ceremony and reception space, too.

elegent star wars save the dates

The first piece of this whole suite to go anywhere, and be seen by anyone, will be the Save the Dates. I ordered postcards from VistaPrint for this, using the heaviest paper they had available. I was so afraid they would come out looking cheap, but y'all, these Save the Dates are so freaking awesome, I can't stand it.

I then took inspiration from this image created for the future king of England to create my wedding invitations.  The first time I saw it, I absolutely adored it, and knew I should use it to create my own wedding invitations.

elegant star wars wedding invitations

Working from clipart, auto shapes, and a blank canvas, I created the invitations. It took forever. Days. Maybe weeks. But I am so pleased with the outcome! I printed these using and their Luxe Notecards with a black core. If you're looking for a place to order printing from, please look into this. Their whole Luxe suite is so freaking phenomenal. Heavy in the hand, not bendy at all, and the pop of color in the middle/side? Amazing.

elegant star wars reply cards

Doing all of this myself allowed me to use the same fonts in every piece of invitation collateral, to copy my own custom created images and details, and remind myself that I am awesome. Also, I got to use non-gag-worthy wording, and managed to keep it light and casual, while still elegant.

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Comments on An elegant Star Wars invitation suite, for a more civilized age

  1. Wow! You did an awesome job! Totally love it! I think you definitly managed to be geeky and elegant.

  2. As an additional side note, I realized I never explained the random penguin and sheep thing. Penguins are his favorite animal, sheep are mine. 🙂

  3. Why couldn’t I have met you 4 years ago?! These invitations are what I was looking for originally when I did my wedding. Instead we went Star Trek route.

  4. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you create the logo? lol my fiancé and I are the same way, if he could be Lord Vader he would.

  5. Hello! I was wondering if this is for sale! I LOVE it is perfect for my wedding. Please, let me know.

    • @Lynn S. Email me at amortentsia(at)gmail{dot}com and we can chat about the possibility!

  6. OMG! These are so cute and perfect for my upcoming wedding… Any chance these are available to purchase?

  7. These are so perfect! I emailed amortentsia(at)gmail{dot}com I hope to get a response. I would love these for my wedding.

  8. Did you decide to sell this design? If so, would I be able to make a purchase? Thank-you

  9. I am interested in purchasing your template. Did you decide to sell it on your Etsy page?

  10. This is just perfect! My fiance and I are VERY interested to see if we could get the template and/or what we can do to purchase this beautuful design from you. Very talented indeed!

  11. Love these, you did an awesome job. We are having a small ceremony but wanted to do a fun Star Wars to include our friends and family too.

  12. Hello— I love these invitations and think they would be perfect for my daughter’s cotillion/ 15th Birthday celebration since she is a major Star Wars fan!! Is there a way I can purchase them ??

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