The ring book with the cute doggy surprise

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 | Photography by Wild About You Photography
All photos by Wild About You Photography.

Offbeat Bride Lani is an artist who turned this old library book into a ring book. That's cool enough, right? But then she incorporated a photo of their dog who had to stay home and you know… keep watch over things while the wedding was happening.

Lani's ring book isn't just super-convenient, it's super-cute, and a super piece of art. Take a look…



lani & tom2

Aw, it's like Lani got her dog to be their ring bearer! I just love when people find beautiful ways to incorporate their absent pets. (Psst: If you're feeling bad about destroying books for projects like this, you need to read this post ASAP.)

photography: Wild About You Photography

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Comments on The ring book with the cute doggy surprise

  1. OMG THANK YOU MEGAN I LOVE YOU for linking to the book-killing post! That makes me feel so so much better about some of the ideas I was whapping away due to their book-trashing aspects. *smrch*

    • In fact, the one she used in these images isn’t even a “book” — it’s a bound journal, meaning it’s a bunch of old issues of a print journal that have been sent to a bindery. Bound journals get discarded all the time when the backfile of those journals have been digitized — so don’t ever feel bad about destroying one of those! I love the color of this one’s cover.

  2. I love this and if my dog wasn’t going to be my ring bearer I would do this!

  3. Oh I love this idea so much! We are having our wedding reception in the state library, this a great way to keep on theme, and a great way for our cats to be involved!

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