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Remember Dean & Matt's classy “gaymer's crash a gastropub” wedding? Of course you do. You all loved it.

Well, the boys came up with the perfect addition to a “gaymer” wedding — a custom game to play!

Ready to help your gusts unlock some achievements?

We had achievements, too! On the back of each program was a list of achievements inspired by video games (called things like “Blood Moon” or “Rucks” or “To Our Hometowns”). We had a big chalkboard explaining what each was, and a custom stamp for people to stamp their program when they finished. I think we had about 25 achievements, and some guests did 15, which is WAY more than I was expecting.

It was also a fun way to include non-participants. My parents kept wondering why everyone asked to dance with them (for the achievement “Waltz for the Moon”), and I saw multiple instances of people being dragged to the photo booth because “we just need one more person” (for the achievement “Pokemon Snap”).

If you're desperate for more details, you're in luck, because Dean posted all the details over on Reddit:

We knew we wanted to do achievements as they show up in various video games – random tasks which you can do, check a box, and get absolutely no reward for other than bragging rights. First, we came up with a bunch of achievements:

  • Try each of the seven hors d'oeuvres
  • Try each of the three cupcakes
  • Taste each of the beers
  • Try a health potion cocktail
  • Try a mana potion cocktail
  • Dance with each of the groomspeople
  • Dance with a groom's parent
  • Engage in a Zumba(tm) booty-off or choreographed Bhangra routine
  • Take a photobooth photo with 5 people
  • Wear every hat in different photobooth pictures
  • Upload a picture to Facebook while at the wedding
  • Take a picture with one of the readers
  • Take a picture of the Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge
  • Sign the guest poster
  • Call one of your relatives and tell them you love them

We then assigned them clever-ish names, again taking our cues from video games. So our chalkboard had a list like this:

  • Blood Moon: Attend the afterparty
  • To Our Hometowns: Have some prosecco during the toasts
  • Rucks: Hug someone you just met today

The names make reference to some of our favorite games (in these 3 examples, Terraria, Final Fantasy 6, and Bastion), but people didn't need to know the reference to know what to do. In fact, most people who went gangbusters on the achievements were not gamers by a long shot.


Then on the back of the program (pictured above), we printed the name of the achievement with a little box to check. We also ordered a custom stamp with our initials – there are stores on etsy that do this sort of thing for about $20. As you can see from the picture, we got our stamp a little too big. Most people resorted to checkmarks with pens, and this friend ended up writing clues to remind her what to do on her card, so she didn't have to keep consulting the chalkboard.

That was it! People handled the rest on their own. Some got really into it – racking up about 15-20 of the achievements. Others took one or two to heart. A couple decided that “taste each beer” meant “drink an entire beer” of the ten different beers we had on tap! They had a very fun night 😉

I definitely wouldn't expect most guests to do them. I think maybe 10-15% of ours actively tried to do these, but it definitely gets other non-participants involved in the wedding. My parents were also extremely confused as to why people kept trying to dance with them, and I often saw individuals getting dragged to the photobooth to shouts of “BUT WE NEED ANOTHER PERSON.”

Final note, a group of 4 friends were trying to do the “wear all of the hats” achievements as efficiently as possible. There were 5 hats. So in one strip of four pictures, they keep rotating the hats, which left one hat, leading to the best photobooth strip of the night.

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  1. I love that idea so much!
    Now I really want to do the same. I’m going to think about whether it is too complicated or not.

  2. Oh my, I need these more than I can explain. Already planning a invitation with heavy infuences from all things nerdy and this would just be too perfect.

  3. LOVE this! My reception theme is awesomely gamer, and I really want to smoosh as many games in as possible.

  4. OMG I LOVE THIS IDEA. I wish I read this post way back in November, when I began planning. My wedding is in less than 30 days with less than 30 people (we decided family only for the ceremony). But we are totally planning a friend-party to celebrate the fact that we got married and combining it with a housewarming party. So going to do this!

  5. Wow. I definitely think I’m going to use this. I can see it helping blend our mix of gamer friends and ultra-competitive derby girls.

  6. This is so awesome! I’m gonna steal this and adapt it to my own Alice in Wonderland themed wedding!!

  7. Planning our (likely) game themed wedding and this is brilliant!! It’s going to get people into it even if they aren’t gamers. Maybe great idea for a social too! Since our wedding party and guests likely won’t be very many.

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