Crochet your own cake topper versions of yourselves

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Table Toppers!

Check out the adorableness that is Nicole and Adam's crocheted cake toppers of themselves. The bride Nicole made them herself

crocheted cack topper bride and groom

I crocheted versions of us to sit on the dessert table, because we had two small cakes and lots of cookies, and I wanted these guys watching over them all. I crochet a bit, and I decided that I couldn't find what I wanted in a “cake/dessert table topper” so I made these versions of Adam and me.

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    • Thank you! MY grandma taught me how to make it curl (for mine), & I just had to get creative for my hub’s pompadour!

  1. Too Cute!! Reminds me of the bride and groom dolls one of my former co-workers crochet for myself and my hun but mines are bigger and she also made two little hearts along with them that say Mr and Mrs, think I’m putting them on our sweetheart table with us

  2. Nicole totally sent me one of these cuties! My son is freaking out over it:

    Think of very still monkeys…

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