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    Natalie Harris
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    About the Collections

    • No Plus Size Fees
      • Offbeat To-be-Weds:  Ask us about our custom patterning discount code!  Save on your alterations later by taking advantage of hem length and proportions made exactly for you.
    • Customize with ANY color
    • Add sparkle fabric layer, lace
    • Add/change sleeves, necklines, more
    • Adding more retail partners nationwide; find your store

    wedding dress professional dyeing

    True Colors is our collection of popular styles our modern brides adore, optimized for guaranteed (OPTIONAL) dye results.  Ready for your custom color choices, whether you're looking for color for down the aisle or to dye and rewear after the wedding.web we the romantics big bend texas elopement photographer mk 44 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

    renegade signature logo alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

    Always led by our to-be-wed muses, designs in our signature collection aim for unforgettable impact.  Original prints, unique glittering textiles, subversive details like our 2024 Venus Flytrap lace.  Customizations welcome.

    Renegade Celestia web alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

    2022 dye lab logo 25w alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

    About Dye Services

    We are the professional dress dyeing service for clients nationwide.  We do also dye outside gowns, and are happy to consult about all the specifics to your project.  Bridal stores refer their brides to us regularly, and we're happy to help you, too!

    About The Designer

    Bespoke Design with our Founder
    Extremely limited availability. Couture design collaboration, consult sketch, technical design. From $6500 with incredible luxury design options including custom lacemaking, creating original print textiles, and specialty sourcing to accommodate every inspiration.

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    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    Subversive Design: Because sometimes you find yourself within the patriarchy but also in love, and we understand what an utterly absurd line that is to walk.  We’re a mission-based company first and foremost, prepared to empower you for the most authentic expression of your life.
    Trailblazing Elegance:  Grandma didn’t know that your “weird” ideas could be this sophisticated.  Our portfolio passes the [reasonable] Boomer test – not that you need their permission.  
    Made Well
    : Customization options, ethical labor practices
    Colors Galore: We are able to accommodate most every customization request.
    Textile Design: Select from our original prints or develop your own with sentimental flowers or symbolism.

    "The dress turned out absolutely gorgeous! Michelle looked so beautiful. We received tons of compliments and people couldn’t believe that we had remade my dress. You did a superb job! It was so special to me, to have her wear my dress. Thanks again, Leigh"

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    $ thrifty
    $$ budget
    $$$ midrange
    $$$$ upscale
    $$$$$ luxury
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