We've showed you comic book inspired wedding invitations before, but check out Offbeat Bride Tribe member “Mrs. Rooster's” total legit comic book wedding invitations!


The idea to do a comic book came from her fiance, Troy. He has been a collector of comics his whole life and they met while he was working in a comic shop! Carmen's favorite comic is Archie, so Troy modeled the look and story flow of their comic on Archie…

Troy drew the whole comic and did the paintings for the covers and Carmen works typesetting books, so she typeset the invitation as well as all the lettering for the covers and the text in the comic.


The whole comic is filled with inside jokes (such as, the flamingo on the first page is the offical city bird of Madison, WI where they live) and is narrated by their pets: two bunnies and two hamsters.


“So far, the response to the book has been overwhelmingly positive. We were a bit worried about how people would react to such a non-traditional invitation, but I think the quality of the book, along with the sweetness of Troy's telling of our story, really won people over.The best thing about doing a comic like this is that we will have a meaningful keepsake of our romance to look back on when we are old. I love that Troy's story will forever be a grand love letter to me and when I am ninety I can look back and see, in lovely detail, how much we loved one another and how much we mean to each other.”
They even included ads!
They even included ads!

Of course there's more to this invitation, like six pages back and front in total, but we've just given you sneak peek to get the juices of inspiration flowing. If you'd like to take on this creative invite project, Carmen told me that they created these books using ComiXPress. They specialize in short print run comics and can print as little as one book for you if you wish.

And yes, their postage was expensive — they had to use rigid mailers to protect the books — but SO totally worth it! Don't ya think?

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  1. Oh holy moly.
    These would be awesome for both invitations AND programs. Because seriously, what would YOU rather read at a wedding–an explanation of the couple’s flower choice or a graphic of the superbride stomping on her flower choice as she kicks major lame wedding butt?

  2. these are incredible! this is the only wedding invitation i can imagine people keeping long after the wedding is over.

  3. I have been looking for a website like Comixpress for a long time! Thank you:)

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