IMG_2034If you want all of your bridesmaids to wear the same dress without taking away their individuality, just do what Angela, aka. OBT member Delerium, did…

She achieved this eye-catching look by putting all the bridesmaids in the same A-line, purple tube dress. Yet, if you look closely you'll notice that each gal has individually colored accents, and a colorful netted crinoline! Oh yeah and I should mention that the bride designed and constructed the dresses herself (with some help from her friends and family). WOW!

My favorite part is that each one is wearing bright, almost neon colored, patent heels (which don't match their crinoline). LOVE!

Stay tuned for more crazy candy filled neon rainbow goodness from Angela's Sandy Creek, New York wedding!

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Comments on Same bridesmaid dress, different accents

  1. Really like her idea to make each dress unique. A step up from the usual boring bridesmaid dresses – good creative thinking!

  2. Awesome! My girls all picked the same dress (I told them to wear whatever black dress they want), but they’re wearing different kinds of chucks and they’re hair accessories and jewelry are different colors. Rock on!

  3. Oh wow I love this idea.. I am wanted all the same dress in different neon colours, can’t seem to get what I want but this is a great alternitive.. I love it thank you for sharing this 😀

  4. OMG. Those are simply stunning. I think for the first time I actually want to have bridesmaids.

  5. I really like the non-matching shoes. Do it however you want I say – same dress, different accessories, or different dresses same colour, or no matching whatsoever! As long as your girl (or guy!) mates are happy with it they will look stunning.

  6. I’m thinking of doing something like this. I was going to go for non-matching but similar but the girls and my boyfriend really want matching dresses.

    But they’re all very different people, they’d never look the same no matter what they were wearing so it seems silly to try.

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