Gaze upon the greatness that is Tribe member “Reenie's” geeky, silly, timely, comic book-style wedding invitation!


Reenie sez,

“The wording [on the back] is my favorite part. It reads: ‘[We] request the honor of your presence as two geeks save the princess, resist the dark side and pledge their lives (extra, or otherwise) to each other.' And we snuck a Hyrulian crest in there too!”

With adorableness like that can you believe she actually had doubts about using these invitations!? Mostly for fear that the older generations wouldn't “get it.” But then she realized, “if people don't like the invites then they probably won't get the ‘Mario Kart Love Song' that plays on our wedsite, or the lightsaber duel mid-ceremony, or the gaming stations or my Death Cab for Cutie inspired wedding tattoo, or any of the other stuff that is ‘us.'”

So in featuring these invites we both hope that it inspires someone else to let their inner geek flag fly!

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Comments on Amazing comic book style invitation

  1. *Trying really hard not to steal word for word.* These are so friggin perfect, congratulaiatons on being abso-blummin-lutely amazing!

  2. Gorgeous!

    As gifts to my spouse's friends, who were mega-awesome attendants, we got pocket watches engraved with the Hylian Crest. I surprised by spouse by getting him one, too 🙂

  3. LOVE the "Mario Kart love song" and thought it would be a perfect gamer's wedding song!

  4. That is so adorable! And I love the Mario Kart Love Song so much! FH and I are using it in our wedding as well and a lot of Zelda references.

  5. Best. Post. Ever.

    I am vaguely ashamed that I no comics were included in my wedding…. but no way would they have been this awesome.

  6. I love love love the Mario Kart Love Song and am planning on making that the music to the first dance.

    Also, my jaw about unhinged when I saw the invite. AKBAR! ZELDA AND LINK! SHOOP DA WOOP?! Holy crapola, you rock!

  7. Hilarious AND topical – Anything that rips on that Kayne thing is awesome to me.

    Plus, the Akbar inclusion made me and my mister actually appluad.

  8. This was so sweet. My fiance and I are having a "Gamer Chic" reception, but alas, the actual ceremony is Celtic Handfasting, and so a gamer invite like this wouldn't work. I do have to say though that, after going to, Ian (and Maureen???) is such a wordsmith! I love reading it. It is so funny. Congrats. I'd also like to say that the "Mario Kart Love Song" made me tear up a little bit… where can I get a copy?

  9. The geek inside me is bubbling with joy right now. How could this invite be so cute?! Argh! Epic Win for the bride!

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