Our giant list o’ ideas for your charity wedding registry from SoKind

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Okay, so we already know that our nonprofit sponsor SoKind is a fully customizable charity wedding registry service that encourages the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, and experiences, instead of your traditional blender and bedding registry.

Now the question is what gifts do you really need? Music lessons? A museum membership? Donations to your favorite charity? SoKind knows that your favorite gifts don't always fit in a box. That's why they're here to give you the “The giant list o' ideas of alternative registry items!”

Scroll through these gift ideas and see which ones appeal to you:

SoKind Sample Registry Screenshot alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Gifts of help for your charity wedding registry

  • Household help: Cleaning, gardening, yard work, help with all the errands you didn't get to while you were wedding planning, house sitting during your honeymoon, interior design help with combining all your stuff into one place.
  • Pet care: dog walking, pet sitting.
  • Day-of wedding help: Set-up and/or clean-up crew, wedding organizer, catering, musicians/DJ, photographer, videographer.
  • Hosting: Guest housing for your out-of-town peeps, rehearsal dinner hosting.

Gifts of experience for your charity wedding registry

  • Lessons: Art, cooking, language, guitar/piano/music, woodworking, knitting, canning, carpentry — set yourself up with dates for the first year of your marriage!
  • Entry passes/memberships: Museum, local/national park, zoo/aquarium, spa/hot springs, campground, running/bike race, local CSA, rail pass, AAA.
  • Adventures: Skydiving, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping, ziplining, whale watching — ditch the traditional honeymoon and go on tons of adventures instead.
  • Travel: Contribution toward a dream vacation, airline miles, hotel points, city tours.

Gifts of charity

  • Donations: Ask guests to donate to your favorite charity.
  • Volunteer: Ask guests to volunteer hours for a local organization.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding and ask for donations of wedding decor (ideally secondhand) and flowers.

Handmade gifts for your charity wedding registry

  • Recipe book: I love this wording from an example registry: “We are determined to learn how to cook! We would love for someone to gather our family and friends’ favorite recipes into one book for us. The more adventurous the recipe, the better. (Note: Alex is allergic to peanuts.)”
  • Food: Homemade meals, baked goods, homegrown fruits and vegetables — keep yourself fed while you're having marathon “just married” sexy times at home.
  • Crafts: Homemade blankets or quilts to snuggle under, knitted or crocheted items, and artwork for your home.

You can see even more ideas from SoKind over here or come up with your own! Ooh, and for even more inspiration, don’t forget to check out SoKind's sample registries and their Pinterest boards. Better yet, tell us your ideas and share them with everyone else.

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  1. So Kind is our ONLY registry! We asked for contributions to our tattoo fund so that we can get some amazing ink done at Ladyland Tattoo in NOLA! Lester is my favorite!

    We also asked for contributions to swim with sharks on our Jamaican honeymoon.

    I’ve also asked for canning lessons and people to give me hands on experience with bee keeping before I dive into it next spring. 🙂

    Of course, I did add to our list a breaking bad wooden cutting board with Walter’s face and large bold words saying “LET’S COOK” on it. It’s the best! I hope someone gets this for us!

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