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Here are our favorite alternative wedding registry ideas, including honeymoon registries, charity registries, plus some of our favorite service providers.

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Our giant list o’ ideas for your charity wedding registry from SoKind

Okay, so we already know that our sponsor SoKind is a fully customizable registry service that encourages the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, and experiences, instead of your traditional blender and bedding registry. Now the question is what gifts do you really need? That’s why they’re here to give you the “The giant list o’ ideas of alternative registry items!”

Self-funded wedding budget: one couple's lessons learned

5 offbeat group wedding gift ideas for your registry

More soonlyweds are skipping the silverware and opting for big ticket items on their registry. If you’re wondering what to put on your wedding registry, here are some genius group wedding gift ideas that all your wedding guests can contribute to!

OBB cover template alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

How to ask for cash instead of wedding gifts in the year of our lord 2024

The past couple years have turned a lot of wedding traditions and wedding registry etiquette upside down — and here at Offbeat Wed, we’re here for it! If you’ve got questions about how to do a cash registry in 2023, we’ve got answers. Because while a lot has changed, you still want to be polite and respectful…

Love public libraries like we do? Here's how you can use your registry to support one of the best

Love public libraries like we do? Here’s how you can use your registry to support one of the best

We’re no strangers to charitable registries — they’re some of our favorite ways to channel funds to awesome organizations (and so you don’t end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t even need!). If you’re a bibliophile who loves to support your local public library, this wedding registry concept is stellar.

Instead of that traditional gift registry, you can easily create a wedding charity registry in support of The New York Public Library!

How do we communicate that we sincerely want no wedding gifts?

How do we clearly communicate that we want NO wedding gifts?

When it comes to gift-giving, the general consensus among my peers is that you give what you can, if you wish. As far as we’re concerned, your presence is present enough — especially considering that we are a bunch of broke Millennials.

My extended family, however, hardcore-believes in tangible gifts. Some of them are sticklers for the traditional (and comfortably middle-class) notion of extensive and expensive gifts at shower, hen party, and wedding. It’s generous, but also uncomfortable, at odds with our values, and not always string-free. How can I discourage gifts at my wedding?

Registry poems are a thing in the UK and Australia and they're kind of genius

Registry poems are a thing in the UK and Australia and they’re kind of genius

Registry etiquette is ALWAYS a touchy subject. But one discussion we want to introduce to the recently engaged is the concept of registry poems, popularized in countries like the UK and Australia.

Registries aren’t as common there, but accepting cash gifts is, often requested in the form of registry poems (or wishing well poems). For Americans (and others) who may not know, these are literally fun little poems asking for money contributions to help with the wedding or honeymoon or just starting out their lives together.