5 offbeat group wedding gift ideas for your registry

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The wedding gift game is rapidly evolving as more millennials and Gen Zers are tying the knot. Instead of asking guests to purchase expensive cookware or luxury towels, newlyweds are skipping the traditional wedding registry process and going for a cash registry JoyZola, or Honeyfund with big ticket group wedding gift ideas instead. Plus, most people who live together before the big day have all the household essentials they need, which often leaves wedding guests asking “What do you give someone who has everything for a wedding?”

If you're wondering “What should I put on my wedding registry?,” we've got a five group wedding gift ideas that will keep giving for years to come.

The best part? You don't have to rely on one wealthy family member to singularly shell out the green paper and hard coins. Your friends don't even have to scour Etsy for hours searching for an expensive gift or wrack their heads trying to figure out “What is an appropriate cash wedding gift?”. See, the beauty of a group wedding gift is that wedding guests can contribute whatever amount they're comfortable with. Convinced yet?

Let's dive into these creative group wedding gift ideas!

1. A mattress

A good mattress is a group wedding gift I seriously regret not asking for. I'm still mad about it as I write this from my Kleenex tissue of an Ikea mattress. Don't make my mistake. Put a quality (I repeat, Q U A L I T Y) mattress like this one on your wedding gift registry. Your back and your sex life will thank you.

nectar ajustable base quiet bed for sex alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Do your body a favor and put a GOOD mattress on your register like this luxe mattress and bed bundle from Nectar.

2. An egg freezing fund

Yeah I know this sounds wackadoodle, but if you're a person with a uterus who's thinking about bringing new life into the world eventually but just not now, then HEAR ME OUT.

Egg freezing is expensiiiive. Do you want those champagne flutes now or the healthy option to have a child later? Yeah, having guests contribute to your egg freezing fund is starting to sound like a genius group wedding gift idea, right? Plus you can make a fun game out of it on your wedding day for those especially nosy wedding guests. I drop some ideas in this video.

If you need extra convincing, here are a few comments from our readers who wished they'd gone for this unusual group wedding gift idea:

As someone who is now going through IVF I genuinely wish I did this.

TikTok: @punkrockgirl.scout

This is hilarious. But also a great idea. The clinic here is non profit, but we did IVF and no lie, my father-in-law had actually saved money over the years in case one of his kids needed help in that area. So, amazing gift idea. Way better than fancy dishes you can’t put in the microwave!

IG: @marshdalefarmsmegan

No joke, I spend $800 a year on freezing/storage. This is a genius idea 👏

IG: @gqmama

3. A large donation to a nonprofit organization

Asking wedding guests to donate to your favorite charity has been a popular go-to for Offbeat Bride readers over the years. With group gifting, you can make one huge donation.

4. Your student loans

I'm only half joking.

5. But seriously, CASH makes an incredible group wedding gift.

And you can put cash gifts towards whatever you want! A honeymoon, a house, a high-yield savings fund. Some happy couples might even appreciate a gift card. Listen, money might be one of the best wedding gifts you can give someone. Plus, whoever said money can't buy happiness needs to hand me all of their money.

And if you're worried about cash gifts coming off as crass or wondering “What is proper wedding gift etiquette when it comes to asking for money?,”, here's how to ask for cash instead of wedding gifts in a tactful way!

Looking for a cash registry that offers group gifting options? Offbeat Bride readers are using cash registries like JoyZola, or Honeyfund.

What are some group wedding gift ideas we're missing from this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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