How Boulder’s Carrie Swails Photography can keep your wedding budget in check AND give you stunning photos

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daynaandjason-18Remember this sweet couple from the amphitheater wedding in Colorado with gratuitous dog adorableness? Their photographer Carrie Swails is our fabulous sponsor, and I can't wait to gush about this fellow nerd and offbeat wedding-lover.

Carrie is a Boulder wedding photographer whose pricing is as non-traditional as her wedding couples (more on that later). When she's not taking photos of awesome Offbeat Brides and grooms, she's geeking out over Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings. But let's collectively geek out over Carrie's amazing wedding photography — trees! fields! gorgeous backdrops! These photos are making me fall in love with Colorado all over again…


Carrie caters to non-traditional couples of all types…

Because I'm a geeky kind of girl I also tend to attract couples who want to have Halloween weddings, Outer space themed weddings, and the like. These are the kinds of clients that I love most — their priorities are not on perfect napkin colors, but instead on incorporating every ounce of their personalities into their day to make it their own.


Carrie's non-traditional pricing kicks ass…

Carrie Swails Photography doesn't offer discounts or coupons because she simply prices by the hour. That way you get to customize your own photography pricing by adjusting your wedding day coverage based on your budget. No matter the length of time Carrie is rocking your wedding day, her services always include:

  • two photographers
  • the rights to your own wedding photos
  • digital copies of all your images
  • and a complimentary engagement session

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Carrie loves her some free engagement sessions…

I'm a big believer in the engagement session. I want to get to know you and let you practice being in front of my camera lens for a while, so you can get better photos on your wedding day. Engagement photos allow me to truly customize your wedding photography into something you're going to love.


Carrie's awesome business lets you get exactly what you want…

With Carrie Swails Photography's special pricing, you can add to your photography package — wedding albums, prints, and all that other fun photography stuff — or you can skip the extras altogether and print your own images with the digital files that are included in all her wedding packages. If you've been looking for a way to keep your wedding budget in check without skimping on amazing wedding photography, then Carrie Swails is your go-to geek gal!

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  1. I love this woman! She did a great job on our engagement session, and even let us bring our Stromtrooper and TI-Fighter helmets for the pics. I can’t wait for our wedding in August. She is a ton of fun, laid back and totally professional at the same time. I could swoon about her forever.

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