Amazing shoes from Charlotte Olympia that most of us can’t afford (but all of us can enjoy!)

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Betty and VeronicaGenerally when I do these shoe posts, I make a point to provide a range of pricing options, from $30 pleather flats that might start falling apart after one wear, all the way up to “Holy shit, those shoes cost more than my entire catering budget!”

Last week, a reader wrote in to very specifically request a post about Charlotte Olympia's line of shoes.

I took one look at had three responses:


These shoes start at about $500, so really for most of us this will be a fun virtual shopping post.

(Although the Random Bonus Shoes are only $30, so YAY!)

For those of you who find these shoes accessible, we demand many many photos of you wearing them on your wedding day.

Kitty Suede Flat

alexa sandal

The Dolly Roger

Archie Wedge Sandal

Charlotte Olympia Hands Up Pump

Sandrine Starfish

Leila Sandal

Miranda in Bloom

Kitty Wedge

Random bonus shoe

WOOHOO! $30!!

Yes I Candescent Heel in Gold from ModCloth

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Comments on Amazing shoes from Charlotte Olympia that most of us can’t afford (but all of us can enjoy!)

  1. Wow, that’s depressing the starting cost is beyond my means. Well actually the money I have would be better spent in other areas. Love the shoes though.

  2. I just want to say fuck you, wallet, for not having enough money! I want every pair. Sadly, my bank account does not agree.

  3. Silver starfish, coral floofer, barbie pink with gold skull charm, and then the bonus shoe…

    lol, I know I’m not really defective, but sometimes I feel that way.
    (I luuuuuurrrrrve cats, but not on my shoes, for some reason)

  4. Unnnnghhhh want. So expensive. So beautiful. WHYYYYY.

    Love looking at them though. I’ve never really bought into the idea that anything other than actual porn could feel like porn until now.
    (In all the good ways, of course. Though I do also feel a little sleazy for salivating so much…)

  5. I just bought the bonus shoes–they arrived yesterday–and all I can say is wowsa 😀

  6. I WANT those starfish shoes! I do not, however, want to pay more for them than for my dress… sigh!

  7. the bonus shoe makes me need a napkin and some alone time… just sayin…. 🙂

  8. Love the fancy shoes but could only ever wear one pair of them (the low blue cat shoes) – platforms/wedges cause me to sprain my ankle (I’d probably break it someday if I wore them often) and I can’t wear heels at all. 🙁 I do wish the standard for “awesome shoe” was a flat shoe or very low heel, with high heels being the exception, rather than the other way around.

    Which is a shame because I love some of those wedges that I can’t wear.

    I’d also like to register my complaint at the world (not Offbeat Bride!) that $30 shoes might “start falling apart after one wearing”, and that people accept this as normal and expected. I do not accept it! $10 shoes may fall apart after one wearing, but $30 is actually a lot of money to some people and it’s just not right to get such terrible quality for that price. Obviously nobody buying $30 shoes expects Jimmy Choo or Charlotte Olympia, but maybe some of ’em expect a shoe that they can wear for six months to a year.

    I don’t have to make a pair of $30 shoes last all year *anymore*, but I used to be in that boat, and I just do not accept that it’s OK to sell a shoddy product for that much.

    • Yah, I’d be a little pissed if my $30 shoes started falling apart after a wearing or two! It’s the price point where shoes should last for a few months depending on wear.

      But you know what’s more awesome than $30 shoes? Getting $100 shoes for $30 😉

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