Bright colors and straight-forward photography deals from the Bay Area’s Funny Bunny Photography

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Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Natalie is the Bay Area photographer who left behind an unfinished master's degree in Japanese literature at Columbia University so that she could pursue what was really making her happy in life — photographing weddings. Now, Natalie is our sponsor with the awesome business name: Funny Bunny Photography. Funny Bunny is all about photojournalistic images full of fun, and vivid colors. A lot of her work so far has been documenting Punjabi, Indian, and Muslim weddings — wait until you see the wedding saris and the henna, omg.

But what's really going to tickle you about Funny Bunny is her straight-forward pricing and her two special deals for Offbeat Bride readers.

Offbeat 04 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)First of all, Natalie's outlook about capturing your wedding day is just about as bright as the couples she photographs:

I want to record everything I can and, without getting too terribly corny, I absolutely adore capturing love, passion, and laughter, all kinds of emotions. I want to get to know these awesome couples and their families so that on the day of I can stand back and capture their wedding day as they'll remember it — incredible.

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Natalie's pricing is also straightforward, and fairly budget-friendly for the Bay Area. It's so straight-forward that I'm gonna let her tell you about it in her own words:

I tell my clients that I like to keep my pricing simple and sane — I don't play around with complicated packages that you never quite feel like a good fit for your needs. I have one package, and it's $1500. For that amount, the couple gets full day coverage, a $300 print credit, DVD of all images with printing rights released plus one back up copy should disaster strike, and a permanent online gallery.

God, we LOVE it when photographers are that upfront. Kisses to Natalie, fer serious.

funnybunny6 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)On top of that $1500 package, Funny Bunny Photography also offers a la carte options: engagement sessions, rehearsal dinner coverage, travel anywhere, a second shooter, and albums. She also has custom pricing for those offbeat couples who need less than six hours of coverage with smaller elopements or city hall weddings. And then there's the Offbeat Bride special offers:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Funny Bunny Photography is offering two discounts for anyone who books her through Offbeat Bride!

  1. $100 off any contract the couple signs with her.
  2. 50% off engagement sessions, either in package or just as a solo shoot.

Offbeat 03 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Have I mentioned that Natalie is also a huge nerd? If you're into video games, anime, theater tech, American comics, sci-fi/fantasy novels, candy ravers, crazy Japanese fashions — she's totally got your number, and will TOTALLY get your wedding. But as a self-described “half-Korean, Japanese-speaking crazy person,” Natalie has a deep love for multicultural weddings, and as a Pagan, she'd LOVE to see some handfastings leap into her portfolio. So nerds, Pagans, multi-cultural love birds, and anyone who wants gorgeous vibrant wedding photos — get your paws on Funny Bunny!

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  1. Awww, thanks you guys! I’m so so so excited to be feautred here! Offbeat Bride was one of the first wedding blogs I put on my daily read years ago and now!!! I’ve had so many people recommend Offbeat Bride to me, and I always said “Yes, I know, I love them too!” 😀

    If anyone makes it to my portfolio, be on the lookout for other really beautiful henna shots.. This particular bride was kind of awesome – dentist named Candy. Does it get better than that? I love my multicultural couples! Mwah! Happy clicking, all!

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