Pumpkin-unicorns, Nightmare before Christmas, tentacle rings, and other awesome wedding shit

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Pumpkin-Unicorn Card Monster

I'm kicking off this week's Reader Round-up with pumpkin-unicorn card monster because “pumpkin-unicorn card monster.” ‘Nuff said. This fabulous monster was the creation of Sarah Lewis, the sister-of-the-bride and co-maid of honour. That shit is AWESOME.

In fact, we have a lot more awesome shit for you this week. How about I show you an engagement ring that even Cthulhu would love, a Nightmare Before Christmas cake, some Calvin and Hobbes action, and a bride enjoying her cocktail hour. Let's ogle all the awesome shit our readers uploaded to our Flickr pool

Wedding Party
Sarah (the maker of the pumpkin unicorn) is one of these fancy-looking people in Rachel and Jeremy's wedding party here. You gotta know I love me a color scheme of oranges and lime greens.

ringIs that a tentacle engagement ring? Why yes it is. I do appreciate this photo being shot at Cannon Beach. Where else would tentacled things hang out?

The bride enjoying her cocktail hour
This photo is entitled “the bride enjoying her cocktail hour.” I am thoroughly enjoying this photo of Tribesmaid Knitty.

HC81Look at this Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake! I'm nutso over it. The cake is covered by all sorts of movie monster characters, covered in “stitches,” AND it's flanked by Jack and Sally “toasting mugs.” (I heart toasting mugs.)

calvin smallMeagan explains this Calvin and Hobbes Save the Date:

We were stressing about our Save the Dates until my partner came up with this amazing idea. It was so much fun looking for the perfect comic together — it turned stressballs into amazeballs!

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 11.04.40 AMSpeaking of amazeballs, here's a sneak peek of Jenni and Karen getting ready for their wedding. I can't wait to see how their vastly different styles came together for the wedding! Keep the pictures coming, friends!

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