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You’ve come to the right place for all your unicorn wedding dreams. We have inspiration for unicorn wedding shoes, invites, dresses, cake toppers, a unicorn wedding ceremony, and even a wedding unicorn that sneezes glitter and gets your guests drunk. Like any good unicorn should.

These unicorn heels are the fuzzy, horned wedding shoes you didn't even know you needed

These unicorn heels are the fuzzy, horned wedding shoes you didn’t even know you needed

I’m pretty obsessed with Hot Chocolate shoes. But when I recently spied this fuzzy pair of unicorn heels complete with tail and horn, I HAD to start this post like right now. And of course, it led me down the rabbit hole of other unicorn wedding shoes to share, too.

The color-filled wedding inspiration we all deserve

Unicorns, confetti, & rainbow cake: the colorful wedding inspiration we all deserve

When we heard about “confetti pong” in this shoot, we knew we were in for something colorful. Little did we know that this colorful wedding inspiration would have unicorns galore, a rainbow cake, super trendy unicorn toasts, pastel macarons, hair glitter, face paint, and some of the most fabulous glitter-meets-rainbow wedding fashion ever. There are ideas to steal for everyone (dapper brides included!).

Don’t miss the triangle color explosion invitations, the unicorn hot chocolates, and the mismatched decor of all our dizziest daydreams…

This LED rainbow dress is a magical display of lights and color

LEDs and rainbow paint make magic out of a simple white wedding dress

This fantastical LED rainbow dress by Evey Clothing is our new EVERYTHING. We just did a roundup of painted wedding dresses, so there’s definitely a trend afoot. Evey filled us in on the process of creating the dress and where it’s been traveling since…

Give your suit a chic edge with these wild wedding ties

Give your suit a style upgrade with these wild wedding ties

Your suit, groomsmen gear, dapper bride outfit, or whatever NEEDS one of these killer stylish wild wedding ties. I’ve compiled a solid list of tie options including bow ties, cosplay-inspired ties, subtly geeky ties, dinosaurs, floral prints, and even unicorns. If you’ve got some tie-wearers to buy for, get ready to start adding to cart…

stylish and geeky shoe clips to make everyone do a double take

11 stylish and geeky shoe clips to make everyone do a double take at your feet

If you’re opting for a cheaper, more comfortable, or just more plain set of shoes for the wedding, you may want to up your game with a shoe clip.

We found some of the snazziest, goofiest, and most geeky shoe clips EVER to make your plain shoes look like a quirky flippin’ masterpiece.

unicorn wedding plush alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Unicorn wedding ideas (treats! decor! fashion!) for your magical AF nuptials

What does a unicorn wedding look like? Well… whatever the fuck you want it to look like. Mostly, it’s all about having fun and celebrating your uniqueness and the magic of love!

Whether you’re harnessing the spirit of the unicorn, or going full unicorn wedding theme, and here are the things that will help you pull that off…